March Wishlist

Yes February isn’t over but having given up buying new clothes for lent (for now), a girl can’t help but window-shop especially when that commission pay cheque came in! This is going to be tough.

However, should I break lent any time soon, I mean I’m not even Christian so there will definitely be no guilt. Here’s the things on my wish list for March from fashion to beauty which I reckon you could like too.

#1 Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask – £38 – Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte tilbury bronze and glow
Photo taken from

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this overnight bronzing dream cream and I’m ready to try it out!

Buy it here

#2 Long Textured Coat –  £95.99 – Zara

zara teddy coat
Taken from the website

Does this coat not give you life? I made the mistake of trying it on the other day and I can’t get it out of my head.

Get snug here

#3 Concrete MacBook Skin and Case – Uniqfind

Macbook gwen
Photo creds: @gwengwiz

After a bad experience with Coconut Lane, I found this website which looks suitable to protect and make pretty, my most prized MacBook – Here’s to hoping!

Check out their other cases here

#4 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Black Trainers – £55 – ASOS

converse black
Taken from

Initially I wanted Vans (yes the ones everyone has), but then I went to Fright Night at Thorpe Park and EVERYONE had them so I’ve opted for the classic Converse as my dark trainer option.

Buy them with me here

#5 BDG Flood Wide Leg Black Jeans – £50 – Urban Outfitters

bdg jeans
Pic: urban

Spotted, 23rd February 2018, Urban Outfitters Westfield Shepherds Bush. I’ve been dying to find a good pair of denim culottes and I think these are them.

Get them here

#6 Bucket Raffia Cross Body Bag – £29.99 – Zara

Zara bag
Photo taken from

This is the closest thing I could find to the LPA GIA bag I saw on Revolve and I’m not mad about it because it’s dead cute and affordable – THANK YOU ZARA.

Get it here

#7 Flared Women’s Overalls/Dungarees – £63.68 – Etsy

Etsy overalls
Photo from

Clothes..from Etsy? I was quite surprised too. If anyone knows me, they will know that I have slated dungarees since well a very long time but I’ve been won over by these flared overalls. Ideally I would have £200 to spare so I can buy my own SSO pair but for now, I have Etsy.

Get yours here


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