Review: Eggbreak

One of my favourite places if not my favourite place for breakfast in Notting Hill.

  • Brunch is served all day but expect queues any time before 3pm
  • Small and local but with a renowned reputation all across London
  • Great for Instagram in all aspects


The last time I went to Eggbreak was about 3 years ago I think when it was picked up by my Dojo app. For anyone who doesn’t know what Dojo is, it’s an app which can tell you cool bars, restaurants, galleries and actually almost anything nearby – I definitely recommend downloading it if you’re London-based, they do a few other cities too but I have found it really useful when stuck with where to go next. Strangely enough at Eggbreak,  we were sat in the exact same table in the back corner of the restaurant. You can find the restaurant just off the main high street built into one of the houses on those rainbow coloured streets you typically find in the Portobello, Chelsea area which adds to its charm in my opinion but also means that the restaurant is very small in size. As its reputation is known all over Instagram, you can expect to queue if you want to arrive any time before 3pm but luckily you can just leave your name and number, pop out for a coffee or browse on the highstreet and they will pop you a text when your table’s ready.

I can’t quit remember whether the menu is exactly the same as before, I feel like it’s definitely got more adventurous but that’s a pure guess. Last time I opted for a classic avocado on toast with poached eggs PLUS chorizo (fantastic idea from me if I do say so myself) and there was an abundance of avocado. This time I went with two of my friends Ben and Lisa for an eggy catch up and we opted for Shakshouka, Sweet potato rosti and the crab cake. The menu definitely has a world egg theme to it as expected, you wouldn’t have guessed from our choices but there were chickpeas and spices galore with other options. That being said it definitely caters for everyone and I imagine even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something they like.

Eggbreak’s reputation honestly does speak for itself, I remember being happy with finding it last time but since our choices were a bit more adventurous this time round, I think it added to the satisfaction. My crab cakes were honestly fantastic, not too fishy and perfectly complimented with the spinach, eggs and sriracha hollandaise, it is a bit small though so if you’re a big eater I wouldn’t advise this one. The shakshouka is much bigger in real life than in the photos which is really the most ideal kind of catfish when it comes to food. Lisa did very well to wolf it down because I probably would’ve struggled. Ben my staple vegetarian really enjoyed his sweet potato rosti with goats’ cheese, honey, pinenuts, dill yoghurt and poached eggs. If you aren’t a massive fan of goats cheese then I wouldn’t opt for this as you get a fat old slab of it.


Sweet potato rosti + extra halloumi (one cheese is never enough)
Crab cake


To finish it off we ordered the cornflake French toast which I was extremely excited about and also the berry pancakes with the sweetest maple caramel sauce ever, you could literally feel the sugar and I LOVED IT. The French toast with caramelised bananas personally took the win for me however my friends preferred the pancakes so if that’s not a reason you need to get both then I don’t know what is.

Cornflake French Toast
The World’s sweetest caramel sauce ft. pancakes

I would recommend Eggbreak for

  • People who like good comfort food but could be tempted to get a bit freaky with their order

I wouldn’t recommend if:

  • You’re vegan (understandably although gutted for you)

Top tip:

  • Go early or after 3 to avoid queues
  • Try and get a table by the window as lighting is better for my fellow food snappers


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30 Uxbridge St, Kensington, London W8 7TA

Walk ins only

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