Winter Brunch Wardrobe = Non-Existant

If like me, winter is not your season and there’s nothing cute about layering your clothes you just wear cami on body on turtleneck on jumper on cardigan (yes, this really happened) and tights then jeans then two pairs of socks and don’t even get me started on appropriate footwear….Nah, that is not for me.

Whilst some people have copious amounts of adorable and fashionable jumpers, I have to somehow make skirts and dresses work for winter because god damn it I am ready to wear leather jackets to brunch again.

So here’s an outfit I put together which would be perfect for brunch and a few glam but cold drinks and where to find the items.


Thick Roll Neck Cropped Jumper – H&M

asos roll neck.jpg

There’s Isabel Marant, there’s All Saints and for us peasant folk, there’s ASOS. This one is actually my sister’s from H&M a few years ago and I’m yet to find one similar but I’ve found this fab ASOS number which will do perfectly.

Sequin or Lose Midi Skirt – Nastygal

Nastygal Skirt

This skirt was £50 and has dropped to £22, somehow I got it for £18 so I’m guessing they must’ve had a discount at the time but I absolutely recommend buying it. You could team it up with a jumper like I did for cover seasons or a cute black crop in summer with heels. Love them.

Buckle Detail, Cubed Heel Ankle Boots – Public Desire

willa boots public desire.png

I have bought maybe 3 pairs of boots from public desire and they have lasted me a fair few years. These I got for Christmas because, I mean, look at them. Ideal for skirts, jeans and casual dresses, me and my sister both have a pair and apparently they look Italian hand crafted – this according to an Italian woman so there you go. They are also reduced to £20.99 now you lucky things.

olivia wh primark bag.png

I saw this bag On @Olivia_wh‘s instagram and fell in love with it which is why I’m so shocked to find out that it’s from Primark and only £7! Need I say more, get to your nearest store and find one now! They are perfect for literally every occasion apart from if you need to carry loads and loads of things, obviously. Looking cute means sacrifices people.

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