Asia de Cuba – Fusion abusion in a good way

Easter is so undervalued. Two free days off and we have been gallivanting around London like we’re on some city break. Our heart’s are very sad its all over (our bank account and waistline feel differently) so lets lighten the mood and reminisce on a real highlight of this Egg-Squisite weekendAsia de Cuba Bottomless Brunch

Despite hearing a lot of good things about this place, apparently none of us managed to note that Asia de Cuba is in fact inside a hotel, so issue no.1 was walking past the entrance 4 times questioning why google maps was the worst navigator on earth. Once we eventually made our way through the St Martins Lane Hotel revolving doors I was impressed, whole vibe was very cool, but mainly by the gold stools shaped like teeth.



Asia de Cuba itself is more relaxed than I assumed, you could easily just walk in from a day shopping and eat, but at the same time still definitely suitable for a big group/occasion. We went around a 6 out of 10 dressy, so jeans, cute tops and small heels but there was a real mix in there. No huge need to be super smart/ fancy, although obviously its much more fun.

The food is a fusion made in heaven – Chino Latino – as delicious as it sounds, and there are 3 brunch options to choose from. We went for mid range at £45, purely because we are too greedy to say no to “for the table starters” and too common to drink Champagne in high quantities. The bottomless cocktails offered are a fab touch, mixing up the normal even more aren’t you Asia de Cuba.? What even is Prosecco?

I would be lying if I said I could pronounce half of the table offerings, but rest assured you do not need to understand what a chicharrone or a pastelitos is to enjoy it. Also, yes to plantain chips, where can I buy these please?


Main choice was hard, especially when you are #eatingforinsta, and need to get visually pleasing brunch pics. We went for:

  • The Breakfast Tortilla – good but not hugely filling
  • Adobo Roasted Chicken salad – yes strange choice, but it paid off. Nice hearty offering other than leaves
  • Smoked Salmon Waffle – brunch fav served well


The crème de la crème


Just order it and don’t even ask why. Thank god Juti was present with her Thai genes or I might not have got to sample this divine creation.

One this way….
And one this way…

Throw the word “unlimited” on any menu and I’m already interested, but follow it with doughnuts its a sure thing I am returning (FYI they are doughnut balls, which produced endless innuendo’s after 12 Mojitos).

The staff were great, coming round with their jugs of cocktails, and they even went along with all our drunk jokes which is probably hard work.

Yay to them, yay to balls and yay to free days off work!

S & J


You know you want to: Book me in!

Pretty Right?

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