The Gate-way to green

This bank holiday weekend I (Juti) decided to forget my purse but that did not stop me self harming my bank account and making myself indefinitely broke.

So on Sunday I tried out my first brunch/meal at a vegetarian restaurant. We Took my token vegetarian friend Ben so that we could get an honest meat-free opinion because I love bacon so it seemed an unfair comparison.

The restaurant was VERY busy and a lot of kids, which is fine until one kid nearly knocked over a waiter with his Thomas the tank engine toy and a child was grabbed by her ankles and held hanging upside down behind my head..for fun of course but still, come on. On the flip side they serve cucumber in their tap water so bravo veggies.

Ben was almost overwhelmed with the amount of options he had since he could actually eat anything off the menu, spoilt for choice he was. One time, in Lisbon, we went to a fish restaurant and they said Ben could have the vegetarian option…guess what it was…just guess…you can’t? Well it was this:


Now I was determined to really deliver on this brunch and was sure from their insta that he would not be getting a bowl of steamed broccoli – with no seasoning can I add.

SO we had…..

Ben – Full English (V)

the gate1

Dan – Banana and Flax seed pancakes

The gate6

Me – Shakshuka

the gate

This was my first shakshuka believe it or not and I will definitely order it again, I don’t really have anything to compare it to but Ben has had a few and said it looked yum and I thought it tasted yum so all good I think. We were nervous to see what the tofu rashers were and they looked like burnt little sticks of that Number 5 gum but Ben said they were “alright actually”. I personally don’t think the full english will be visually making you drool after a hangover anytime soon but I love a greasy fry up and this was probably a more detox breakfast. I probably saw Dan’s pancakes for about a single minute before they were gone but I ate all the coconut shaving in the chocolate sauce and that was nice 🙂 .

Clotheswise, definitely casual. Jeans and t-shirt for boys, trainers so fine. I wore jumper, jeans and sandals, but like a knitted baggy jumper not anything super wow.

I think overall, it was a good experience for my first vegetarian restaurant, I didn’t leave craving meat although we did all go for Patty&Bun later that day but that was hours later.

What we loved:

  • Cucumber in tap water – take note everyone.
  • Outside seating – really cute and really wished it was sunny not aggressive winds
  • Butterbean sausage was a good alternative to the regular veggie sausage option
  • A lot of options and flexibility to make certain dishes vegan or gluten free
  • Easy to find and a really nice walk from Marylebone station

Pricewise it wasn’t toooooo bad, although I think £12 for a veggie full english isn’t exactly cheap so I would say mid range, another butterbean sausage wouldn’t have hurt anyone.

Top tips

  • Book in advance – a week should do (we’ve shared the link at the bottom)
  • Apparently the Hammersmith and Islington one’s are better but Seymour place is the only one that does brunch and it’s pretty cute too!
  • Try the Kombucha – we tried to order it but they didn’t have any left and it’s suppose to be good for you so let us know what it’s like

the gate2

The gate3

The gate5

The gate4

Menu here

Book me in!


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