The limit does not exist..especially on a bank hol

It’s our favourite time of the year, the long bank holiday!!!! We cannot tell you how excited we are to sleep and eat obviously. 

So because we have 4 days off, that means 3 days to get our drank on *clink* so we have thought why not share our top brunches in London where you can eat and drink yourself sick.

Let’s get to it

Ballie Ballerson

One that’s featured on our blog before, book BallieBallerson for unlimited meatballllllllls, ball pits and prosecco. Guaranteed to be a laugh on your day off. Tickets from £41.50.


Bone Daddies – Flesh and Buns Sunday Brunch

Now we all know Bone Daddies do a great ramen and it just so happens they don’t hold back on brunch either. You get the option of two menus (£39 or £46) for all you can eat.


Drink, Shop, Do

Another one we’ve mentioned before! For bagels bagels and more bagels and unlimited prosecco, what’s there not to love!


Gaucho – Electro Brunch

So we went to this brunch a few months ago and Juti was extremely hungover. I (Juti) had actually been sick about 6 hours before from a work night out – classic, BUT even I knew this was a great deal. So although I drank about two alcoholic beverages and paid £10 a dish, Sam got her monies worth and this brunch is a great start to a weekend of partying but probs not for a hangover as it will set you back £50.


Inamo – Time Out

The devil of all brunches. But you will not leave sober. They leave bottles on the table and they give you an ipad to order food. They say you can only order three per person but the ipad knows no limits. This is only bottomless fun when TimeOut have the offer so grab it quick!



How drunk are we getting this weekend?


You’re welcome

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