Knee Deep in Balls

Ball pits that is!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that London has welcomed a new pop up ball pit in the ever so trendy area of Dalston and its for GROWN UPS!

Ballie Ballerson graced London in November 2016 and they now they present….



Yep that’s right, GlowyMcGlow, the ball pit fun loving friend of BoatyMcBoatface we imagine. So what can you expect from this LED wonderland? Well this is what’s promised:

  • Ball pit for up to 40 people
  • Underground Club with 250k clear balls on an LED dancefloor
  • Upstairs bar with plasma balls and UV lights
  • Cocktails themed after the planets – Uranus is undrinkable until you’ve taken your miracle berry pill (make of that what you will)
  • House every weekend apparently

I know…you are overwhelmed by the level of fun your imagination is painting right now but WAIT…it gets better..


Because the only thing that’ll make this any better is being so drunk you think you’re drowning in a 4ft ball pit.

I’m already sold but lets take a look at the menu. For £41.50 you get:

Bottomless Prosecco

Bottomless Punch

Bottomless Spaghetti Meatballs or/ Veggie balls

Unlimited entry into the ball pit for 2 hours! (Now I’ve been in a drunk ball pit before and 5 mins is more than enough time to really convince yourself you’re floating/drowning)

VIP table for the true #ballers

So buy your tickets HERE

And have a great time ya big kid!💋


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