I got Bills I gotta pay

And I’m gonn’ work work work every day so that I can eat Bills for brunch whenever I waaaaaant 🙃

I’m sure by now most of us out there have tried Bill’s Restaurant whether it was for dinner or brunch or both! I know we sure have and the brunch really wins it for us. As its not one of those meals that involves starving yourself for a few days to afford, we really like to get a variety of items off the menu and make our own little buffet.

Bills menu

Now we have been to bills a few times now and the brunch never disappoints! The pancakes are large and fluffy with enough toppings and the muffins and sourdough toast are always a treat. I won’t lie, I’ve been a few times and they go heavy on the hollandaise sauce but that just means your getting more for your money in my opinion!

Our typical order is:

  • Bills breakfast – if we’re feeling super hungry or super hungover
  • Eggs Royale
  • Something with avocado – we usually pick the combo of avocado, poached egg on sour dough toast.
  • Pancakes – because they are the dessert of the brunch world and dessert is a different part of the stomach as we all know.



✨✨Brunch is served every day✨✨ Weekdays until midday, weekends until 1pm yay!

I would advise booking a table at least two weeks in advance. Sometimes I can get a table on short notice but it isn’t worth the heartbreak and stress.

Try the watermelon, peach and raspberry juice.

Its a casual, max casual glam vibe.

casual glam is defined as casual but nice enough for photos.

Make sure you also go when the weathers a bit nicer because most of their restaurants have al fresco dining out front and that just means better lighting for your foodstagrams and you can wear cuter outfits.

bills outside

So that’s all for Bill’s, cheap and cheerful and always on point.

Comment and let us know if you’ve been and what you thought!


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