Ceru Soho Launch and Blogger Dinner

Ceru has launched it’s new restaurant in Soho on what could possibly be the cutest date street ever (more of this to come on a seperate blog post). They take you on a journey exploring all the flavours of Levantine cuisine and I was so happy to dive right in.

We started with two of their signature cocktails the Turkish Delight (Russian Standard, strawberry liquor, rose water, cranberry juice) and a pistachio cocktail which I’m still to locate on the menu (sorry guys). I’ve been really into pistachio recently and I was quite sceptical about what spirits and the flavours in the glass but I was pleasantly surprised, it was easy to drink and definitely felt light and refreshing and not too green!

We were recommended around 5 dishes per person and this is what we went for:

This was a good amount for 2 people I reckon, I was a comfortable full but still made space for a small snack at home (can’t help myself).








My favourite was definitely the prawns followed by the dips funnily enough. Those – dips – were – so – GOOD! We had the three dips that excluded the humous, the red pepper dip being my favourite out of the three (we asked for another basket of bread just to get every last drop). The lamb we had was so soft and delicate, you could literally pull it apart with one hand and I loved the combination of spices on it. The aubergine dish was also a firm favourite across the tables.

Overall, I would definitely recommend CERU for dinner, the interiors are well thought out and it is a lively dinner spot perfect for those Friday night dates.

The blogger dinner was very well organised by Roche PR, I loved that we received a press pack as this made it easier to create my follow up piece like this blog post!


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