The Big Brunch Catch Up

I realised that there is a huge back log in brunch review so to help me get back on track I will review them all for you here with a food and experience rating and quick summary. Hope you don’t mind, I just have so much to share!



Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

This is a tricky one as although the food was nice, it was very much over priced and the service wasn’t great. This was an invite I tagged along to so I feel I can be honest and say that it’s very important how you handle influencers to help promote your business (if you aren’t doing it through a PR company) and this wasn’t the right way. I’m not sure I would go back as a smoothie and slice of cake will set you back over £10 or so but the truffle mushroom and cheese toastie with jalapeños was a tasty dish.

In one sentence: Great toastie but overpriced and bad hospitality tainted the experience.

FullSizeRender 23

The Allegory

Food Rating: 3.5/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

This seems like a while ago now but the Allegory first took me back with its lovely interior, with a large space, a lot of light and high ceilings, I love the space and would definitely recommend this for big groups. I opted for chicken and waffles here and did not have food envy of anyone else so that’s one to try – naturally not diet friendly but delicious so who cares. The espresso martinis see are also fabulous so order them as a post brunch treat.

In one sentence: Perfect for big groups.

IMG_2454 2


Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

I was so excited to go down and try Arlo’s after seeing its presence pop off a bit on Instagram recently and you better believe I tried that famous Croque Monsieur with steak inside – you’d think it would be super heavy but honestly it was just truly creamy and delicious, we were stuffed by this point so we couldn’t finish it all but I sure wish I could.

In one sentence: Not suitable for vegetarians but definitely a must try.

FullSizeRender 21

Dominique Ansel

Food Rating: 4.5/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

The Croque Monsier is the star of the show here. So creamy, so delicious and so worth every penny. I loved my time at Dominique Ansel and the lighting and flower wall is just so glorious as well as the creative pastries and novelty buys like the cronut and cookie shot. I absolutely recommend you pay them a visit and make the most of the experience by order the specials just like I did.

In one sentence: That Croque Monsieur will make you feel some ways.


Fettle (Leeds)

Food Rating: 5/5                                 Experience Rating: 5/5

This was round 2. I love fettle, I feel like I’m eating well, feeling good and Kamil is just my favourite person ever. The service here is wonderful and they really take time to get to know you. The chai latte which wasn’t on the menu yet was sublime so hopefully it will be added soon and the red velvet latte is still my favourite. This time I opted for the Mexican beans with chorizo on sourdough and it was just all kinds of yes so if you are taking a trip up to Leeds, then pay them a visit – you won’t regret it.

In one sentence: The red velvet latte will change your life.

FullSizeRender 24.jpg

Forks & Greens

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

I was invited by Adwaiz to attend this brunch so there were mountains and mountains of food. I opted for the classic halloumi, avocado and poached eggs on toast but added a side of ratatouille. Their famous dishes are the potato brunch selection and I tried a bit of the prawn one which was really nice considering prawns for breakfast is probably a bit strange. It’s a bit further out for me in Seven Sister’s but if you’re local to the Victoria line, why not pop in!

In one sentence: A long way to go but worth a trip.


Flourish Bakery

Food Rating: 5/5                            Experience Rating: 3/5

An industrial park is definitely a random place to have Watford’s best brunch spot (yep, I said it and I meant it). This is one of the only places I’ve managed to find good brunch food so there is no surprise that there’s a queue. I gave the experience a 3 not because it wasn’t great but it is very casual and you order food at the counter and then sit at your table but you still get to see the bread making in operation through the window which is quite cool.From what I’m aware you can’t book so expect a queue but you step in to the sweet smell of bread and a really good menu, you’ll forget you ever queued. I recommend the Bubble and Squeak as this is a bit different and  works so well for brunch otherwise the Mexican breakfast is a good one if you’re quite hungry and love anew take on the shakshouka.

In one sentence: Watford’s best brunch.

FullSizeRender 22


Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

The location for the first boozy foodies and what a great start. Hally’s is a cute and quaint cafe in West London serving up a lovely and good value bottomless brunch. The owner Anna is gorgeous on the inside and out and was a lovely host sharing how they made their rainbow lattes and espresso martinis. You get a choice of a pastry with brunch and I recommend the caramel and banana muffin because it so dreamy. Eating in Hally’s makes you feel like you’re in a beach hut and I love it.

In one sentence: It’s always summer in Hally’s

FullSizeRender 26

House of Ho

Food Rating: 3/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

This was a Time Out special where we had a platter of food for £22 with bottomless prosecco for 1.5 hours. The food was nice and I like the idea of tapas but it won’t change your life – although I love a brunch menu with bar buns. The service was very good though and they filled up your prosecco very consistently which is always a winner. I would definitely recommend this if you want a cheap bottomless brunch to catch up with your friends

In one sentence: Perfect if you want to look a bit nicer than casual and get really pissed.


Iron Bloom

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4.5/5

For some reason I agreed to do a 1000 calorie burning gym class before brunching here but what the gym class burnt in on hour, I made up for in the next. First of all, PINK.  BURGER. Enough said. The menu is definitely daring and a bit different so I would recommend this for slightly more adventurous eaters but the quality of the food was delicious. My pork belly was truly divine and the truffle fries…yeah baby. We got 40% off for this visit as it was a blogger brunch but what I will say is the portions are quite small so I wouldn’t go when you’re super hungry or you will end up spending quite a bit.

In one sentence: Glad I got to try it but unsure if I would pay full price as portions are small – worth trying for sure though!

FullSizeRender 25.jpg


Food Rating: 3/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

I was as excited as anyone to try sketch as I’ve been hearing they do a great brunch. I won’t lie and have to say I was disappointed. We had to go up to ask for the menu, ask to order, ask to order desserts and the bill. You have brunch in the Glade room which is beautiful and very small therefore I didn’t feel there was any excuse for bad service especially for the price people pay to eat there. That being said my sketched eggs were delicious and the macarons were very nice and reasonably priced but these were the only things that stood out for me. If I went again I would try the afternoon tea in the famous pink room but I would not recommend the brunch.

In one sentence: Utterly average food in an above average setting.

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