Calcutta Street Brunch: Spice up your life

Authentic Bengali brunch dishes inspired by street food & mixed with a little bit of “mum’s own cooking”!

As brunch bloggers we feel it is our duty to try out every variety that comes our way, and we have certainly seen a rise in the Asian brunch offering so thought it was time to give one a go.

First to catch our eye was the adorable Calcutta Street in Fitzrovia (being completely honest here there also was a Timeout offer), which is an intimate Indian restaurant serving up street food inspired dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner!

Calcut 3

Our bargain £22.50 offer came with 90 minutes of bottomless Prosecco, a small snacky Bombay mix style starter and the choice of the following dishes:

  • Mughlai Paratha – straight from the streets of Calcutta – crispy fried bread enhanced by a stuffing of minced lamb and egg
  • Egg Chicken Roll – calcutta style kati roll with juicy chicken kebabs
  • Peter Cat Chello Kebab – English breakfast, Calcutta style. Comes with rice and butter
  • Kosha Mangsho – Luchi – hearty bengali lamb kari with potatoes served with puffy fried bread

It’s OK to be confused as to what they are exactly, we were. Our choices (in pink) were pure guess-work, but the unknown added to the delight in the end. Not sure I have ever heard more comments of “ok that one is so nice”, “ooo noo that one is even nicer”.


caclcut 9

Calcut 6

Even writing this up I am trying to pick my fav and just can’t – OH should mention there were three of us and we basically just put all in the middle and shared. All the dishes were so full of flavor and extremely moreish. The “puffy fried bread” is kinda down played as a side but we ordered 3 more of them. Could not get enough  I tell you. Would be intrigued to try out the other varieties of the Kati Rolls from the full menu, never had them before but they would be ideal for a quick-lunch!!

calcut 7

calcut 8

Calcut 1

Would recommend for:

  • Perfect stop off at the end of a West End Shopping trip (or middle if boozey browsing is your thing). And for only around £30 including a bottomless 90 minutes nothing to feel guilty about (apart from maybe that Zara splurge earlier in the day).
  • Low key and cutsie, great venue for chatting and catching up with pals.

Watch out:

  • This isn’t your local Indian, so please don’t expect huge portions and blow your mind Vindaloo spices! As a plus, those who don’t like hot spicy food should not fear!
  • Yes there is a bottomless option, but I don’t think rowdy crowds would suit so best behavior please (easier said than done I know).


  • Order that fried bread in abundance, feed your friends, no shame:

Calcut 10.jpg

Book Book Book – Calcutta Street

Brunch menu HEY

Any suggestions for other Asian brunches? Send them our way!

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