Bon Vivant Drunch

A precious french brunch in the heart of Bloomsbury.

This particular brunch we found from The Resident’s 35 of London’s best bottomless brunches article. After a quick google, Bon Vivant seemed pretty sexy and pretty cheap in our opinion, only £18 for the bottomless option so it was decided, this french restaurant was next on the list.

On arrival it was VERY busy, definitely a birthday and a lot of glam drunk people. Not the sloppy kind just the loud laughy kind that had clearly opted for the bottomless option – who wouldn’t.

We wouldn’t.

Back story: I had dragged Vicki to brunch and she may or may not have been sick at the train station due to a horrid hangover.

My fault but not my fault (definitely my fault).

First impressions, well it’s pink so that’s a plus and it was very European. I personally loved the chairs and glasses…and the tables to be fair. We sat outside because well we were being boring and not drinking and I think inside was better suited to the bottomless crowd.

What did we order?

menu here




The Morning After – Steak, Eggs, Bacon, Potato, B.V. Sauce
The Morning After, Chocolate and double banana pancakes and B.V. Breakfast – Toast, Baked Beans, Bacon, Sausage, Eggs with avocado swapped for tomato


Visually very appealing.

To be fair my meal was absolutely delightful (The Morning After) and they were extremely flexible with Margot’s 100 amendments to the BV Breakfast.

A few things that were strange…

No butter on the bread and the beans were slightly on the dry side for Margot.

The pancakes.

Now I’ve had a few pancakes in my time and these were not like my usual. I really like the crust of the pancake, it’s hard to explain but it was a proper pan-cake.

The photos might help.


I’ve just has a quick google of french pancakes to see if this is why they looked different but I don’t think it is. If Vicki wasn’t so ill earlier I think she may have liked these slightly more but I think they were a bit too oily and cake like.

Let’s just say they’re more cake than pancake.

We could’ve ordered the wrong thing who knows.

But the crust is seriously goooooooood so don’t rule them out.

I would recommend this for…

  • Group Bottomless brunch – at £18 for bottomless it definitely won’t break the bank
  • Anyone who likes steak for breakfast. £14 for steak and eggs is one of the cheapest I’ve seen in zone 1 so far. It was also really good

I wouldn’t recommend this for…

  • Anyone who gets uncomfortable in small spaces – I’ll explain. The restaurant is quite small and if it was as busy as it was that day, one unisex toilet did make me feel a little funny BUT I really liked the signs.
How fun is that

Top tip:

  • Order the steak and the orange juice
  • Sit outside


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