I have always wanted to go to Cambridge and I am lucky enough to have a lovely boyfriend who got me a weekend in Cambridge for my birthday staying just outside in a town called Ely in this dreamboat hotel I saw on Voyage Prive – what a babe.

I’d heard Cambridge is like a fairytale and it really lived up to expectations, the streets are narrow and charming. When roaming the cobbled streets of Cambridge, you must wear trainers! It’s a lot of walking, a lot a lot of walking because you will get lost..and you will walk in circles a good few times to find that shop you definitely saw two lefts a right, 5 mins ago.

Another thing you absolutely MUST try is punting. Now we nearly had a boat to ourselves however me and Dan were romantically joined by a Chinese family where the two girls opposite us kept taking photos of Dan. He felt really awkward. It was quite strange to be fair but yes, I love a boat trip and this had the potential to be really cute if we didn’t have extra company but then that bumps the price up as you can imagine. We got ours from the town square for £10 each on a Friday for a 45minute ride which is definitely cheaper than the ones from their campuses.

Foodwise I was sent a lot of options on instagram as well as did a little research and the places I visited were; Butch Annies, Novi and Fitzbillies. We were going to go to the Old Bicycle Shop but we arrived at 3.15pm and brunch stopped serving at 3pm (they were not flexible on that). Here’s the lowdown on the places I did eat.


Butch Annies – recommended by @onehungryasian

I was promised this to be the best burgers and they did not disappoint. I opted for the truffle hunter special and it was gone in 7 minutes and 48 seconds. I wolfed it down as if someone was going to snatch if from my hands if I came up for air and I’d do it again. Hands down the best burger I’ve had to date but I am willing to be proved wrong?


Food on food on food here. I really ordered my fair share and could barely move after. Tacos, steak, squid, you want it? We got it. Followed by a round of cocktails which is where Dan discovered his love for Old Fashioned.

Fitzbillies – recommended by @onehungryasian and @joegranata

So this wasn’t recommended for brunch but was recommended for the famous Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun but we had brunch anyway. Brunch was average, avocado a little brown but tasty and we shared a delightfully sticky bun with an extra to take home.


Poets House is honestly beautiful and if you ever need an idea of where to stay, I can’t recommend it enough. The hotel is so intimate and every room is so charming with a copper bath which I LOVE (everyone knows how much I love a good bath). It was absolutely one of the nicest and most romantic hotels I’ve stayed in to date, picture a hotel that would give you the same feeling as when you watch the film; The Holiday and that is Poet’s House.

Although Ely is a small town, it has a number of weekend markets and Cathedrals which you can visit and Cambridge is only a 15min train Journey away with LOADS of options.

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We had breakfast included but sadly were WAY too hungover to enjoy it on Day 2 so here’s my eggs benedict from Day 1.


So if you are looking to go to Cambridge soon I hope this helps

Other places I was recommended and would’ve loved to have tried are:

  • Six
  • Aromi
  • John’s Chophouse
  • Midsummer House
  • Pint shop
  • The Old Bicycle Shop