Boozy Foodies

This year I wanted to organise a little get together of food bloggers with a little extra. If anyone know’s me, I love to organise a party and I love to brunch so the logical thing for me to plan would of course be a London brunch party!

How it works?

  • Once every 3 months, I will pick a location in London for the soiree
  • Invite some food influencers
  • Enjoy a fabulous brunch
  • and then some

And then some?

Everyone knows the best thing about a party is the food and the party bags. So at every Boozy Foodies event guest will receive a small party favour from me!

So if you’re interested, just fill in the form below and I will be sending out invites for the next one soon! If you don’t sign up below, you won’t receive the details of the event and a chance to RSVP

Take a look at our brunch on the 17th March

Sign up below to find out where the 20th May event is being held