Local Gem: Pizza Minori

If you didn’t know, I am based in the Harrow area but most of the restaurant reviews I tend to do are central London based. Once we entered lockdown though, I initially thought that I wouldn’t be able to satisfy certain cravings from the comfort of my home i.e. good quality pizza but one night, home alone and hungry, I tried Pizza Minori as they had the shortest delivery time and I’m very impatient once hangry and wow. After ordering a takeaway from them a few times, I visited them the other day to dine al fresco as part of a press collaboration and it was divine.

The restaurant itself is surprisingly large, I never visited before when it was a Chinese buffet spot but they can accommodate up to 82 people in the restaurant with a small outdoor space if you’re looking for alfresco dining like we were.

Whenever I order pizza, I always go for a Magherita. I personally feel that if done right, it’s easily the best flavour (14 year old me would be so outraged right now) and Minori do it so well. I’ve only ever ordered pizza but it would be rude not to try the pasta right? And what’s pizza and pasta without Burrata? Incomplete thats what. So here’s everything we ordered: Magherita Pizza, Scialatielli ai frutti di mare pasta, Burrata.

Full menu here

It’s safe to say that their pasta was just as good as their pizza. The seafood pasta had a very generous amount of seafood which is always appreciated with a really great flavour to the tomato sauce, just thinking about it again is making me hungry. Best decision we ever made was to skip the bread with the burrata and then use the pizza crust to dip/spread/clean up, it was creamy, it was carby and zero food was wasted in the process. Overall, a delicious great value meal.

I honestly can’t recommend Pizza Minori enough, they’re currently taking part in the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ so it’s the perfect time to try if you’re in the local area.

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COVID precautions:

When we visited all staff wore masks and hand sanitiser was available at the entrance. The restaurant wasn’t too busy but tables were spaced out inside, outside was spaced out by about 1m between tables.

Read their full COVID risk assessment here

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