A Villa in the heart of Chiswick: Villa di Geggiano

Although travel abroad is technically allowed to parts of Europe, I myself aren’t fully ready to commit to any trips that may involve a passport quite yet so I’ve been seeking new places for those holiday vibes around London, cue, Villa di Geggiano.

Based on Chiswick High Road (although they also have a location in Tuscany if you are heading there), I was actually suggested this restaurant when I put some feelers out on my stories for cute spots that were driving distance from where I live which tends to be North or West London. I googled the name and as they say, the rest was history. The space itself has welcomed a whole range of music artists through its gates from Freddie Mercury to Snoop Dogg. Upstairs, the restaurant has meeting spaces and wine cellar to wind down after a stressful meeting – the dream.

The space is all about lifestyle from food to music to art. With amazing prints and painting upstairs, a piano player every weekend and gorgeous Italian food.


We tried the press menu for our visit which included:

INSALATA ESTIVA CON RAVANELLI, FAGIOLINI, CIPOLLOTTO, NOCI E CREMA DI AVOCADO: Baby Gem Salad with Radish, Green Beans, Spring Onions, Datterini Tomatoes, Walnuts and Avocado Sauce
ZUPPA DI POMODORO SAN MARZANO CON STRACCIATELLA E BASILICO: San Marzano DOP Tomato Soup served with Stracciatella and fresh Basil
SUPREMA DI POLLO CON RATATOUILLE DI VERDURE E PESTO DI RUCOLA E MANDORLE: Pan-Fried Free Range Chicken Supreme served with Vegetables Ratatouille and a Rocket and Almond Pesto
GNOCCHI AI PEPERONI CON CREMA DI SPINACI E BASILICO: Vegan Potato Gnocchi served with Peppers, Spinach and Basil
TIRAMISÙ: Tiramisu a la Villa
SGROPPINO ALL’ANGURIA CON MELONE FRESCO E MENTA: Watermelon and Mani Sagge Prosecco Sorbet with Fresh Cantaloupe and Mint

Just to be back out in a restaurant and sitting outside in Summer was such a nice feeling and this particular spot honestly made me forget I was in London for a bit. Despite the lovely weather the soup was actually surprisingly a favourite of the whole meal. The stracciatella was lovely and stringy and I love the combination of tomato and basil as a magherita pizza lover myself so I really enjoyed this dish.

As I don’t eat meat I can’t comment on the chicken but in terms of display it definitely look appetising. I’m on of those people that gets so excited when I see gnocchi on the menu so I was really pleased to see it included on the press menu and a vegan version no less! I personally don’t think you can go wrong with homemade pasta so I really enjoyed this dish and ate every last bit.

For desserts we had the light and refreshing with the slighty more indulgent. I feel just as passionately about tiramisu as I do creme brûlée and if you are concerned about the coffee I would say this wasn’t super strong on the coffee side but still delicious. The sorbet with cantaloupe was the perfect refreshing dessert to finish on though as it literally tastes like summer and prosecco in sorbet? Genius.

COVID Precautions:

In terms of COVID, staff did not wear masks however there was hand sanitiser available on entry into the restaurant. Outside wasn’t too busy, we were however in the corner on a slighty larger table so a bit more distanced from other customers. The area seems pretty relaxed on the measures if I’m totally honest as there was a customer who sat near us and was wandering between tables but she never came onto our table so I didn’t feel too uncomfortable at any point. There is a large indoor seating space so you can of course request a table inside should you feel the outdoor terrace is too busy.

Book a table now and enjoy some fresh pasta and all the Italian vibes in this very special villa in Chiswick.

Perfect for: Date night, Special Occassion, Outdoor Dining

Parking: Street parking available for 2-4 hours depending on the road.


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