9 instagram accounts I’m loving in lockdown

If you’re having some downtime after learning whatever new quarantine skill you’ve set yourself this week or if like me you’re just browsing social media excessively to kill time – I mean we’re in a lockdown, what else is there to do? Here’s some instagram accounts I just can’t get enough of these days from inspo in the kitchen to WFH style.


I can’t be the only person who’s obsessed with this girl right? Her home is insane, she could make wearing a bin bag look painfully chic and if you think that her clothes are maybe a bit out of your budget which is understandable, she lists affordable alternatives fro highstreet brands like H&M and ASOS so you can find similar items to style. I just wanna be her when I grow up.



I’ve recently discovered Tuula_rose and loved her page because well I find her clothes really easy to wear, I just love the mix of content on her page and I love a good aesthetically pleasing feed I do.



When it comes to easy meal prep, I have been obsessed with Verna. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t leave an aggressive proclamation of my love on one of her home cooking posts because she is just nailing it. All her dishes are usually pretty easy to make and she’s putting out content pretty regularly incase you’re looking for inspo in the kitchen (plus she’s just such a lovely person).



The last time I was with Dominika and Salvo, we were on a docked cruised getting pissed on cocktails but now they are serving me with some of the most insane dishes on the gram from the comfort of their own home (which is bloody gorgeous). Dominika is a travel blogger which due to the current situation is channeling a lot of her creative energy into showing off her boyfriends insane cooking. Their meals tend to require a bit more time however with great patience comes great rewards.



She introduced me to the Dalgona coffee which changed my life and she also is in my opinion, the flatlay queen. If you love your baking and sweet treats, then you will her. Do you need any more convincing that she’s a must follow account?



Perfectly curated, if you love aesthetically pleasing, mood board type shots as I am sure you do, this account is perfect for you because it just gets my mood every time. Every shot is like save, save ,save… makes sense now right?



You may remember her as a former MIC girl but now she’s a fully fledge influencer and super creative content creator. All her shots make me wish I had photoshop skills to that level because wow. If you’re a content creator stuck on ideas then her account will definitely inspire.

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When it rains in pours! ☔️

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I’ve been obsessed with Laura for a while now because she just knows how to make highstreet or fast fashion pieces look chic and timeless but also easy ways we can style our similar pieces to elevate the look (because we could all do with cutting spending at the moment). Her casual wear and basics are just a dream.

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Jo-ker. Honestly, Sophie Milner makes my die on a daily basis as self proclaimed meme queen and her general “Don’t give a fuck” attitude. From laminating her own eye brows, applying lash extensions at home and rarely wearing pants, she’s just my quarantine mood. Her @reallifesophie account is fucking jokes too.

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