Mercante London at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane




On the table:

Linguine Vongole, Bottarga / ‘Cotswold White’ Roast Chicken, Potato Pave, Spinach / Zucchini Fritti / Tenderstem Broccoli, Chili, Garlic

Disclaimer: This meal was in collaboration with First Table and gifted.

First table offers 50% off the food bill for 2 to 4 people when you book a London Restaurant for £5 on their website – sign up here.

Full menu here

The review:

When it comes to Hotel restaurants I am usually a bit apprehensive and to be honest, I would probably avoid booking them as I feel they can seem a bit flat and over-priced but thank God I booked Mercante without looking where it was based because I would definitely go back.

We lucked out with the weather so got a cute little seat outside where we watched the Londoners and the traffic go by whilst pretending to be the ladies of leisure that we deep down are dying to be. Although on one of the most congested roads in London, I really felt like we had some privacy and it was just such a lovely little spot.

When it comes to the food I won’t lie, the pasta is definitely not homemade however it was a very far portion for the size and delicious with the clams. An extra bonus is that they have gluten free options for all the pastas! The sides however were also very very good, the brocolli was very garlic but not super oily and the zucchini frites? Well, bravo. Just keep them coming!

This is a restaurant I will definitely be recommending however, I would save it for a sunny day as I feel like sitting outside makes you feel all the holiday vibes.

Mercante London: Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, England W1J 7BX (closest station Green Park)


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love juti

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