Brunching at Boondocks






On the table:

Bojangles (buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, hot sauce, cheese sauce, eggs) / Chicken and waffles/ Roasted strawberry French toast / Plantain chips / Hash browns

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary

Full menu here

The review:

When I think of a fried chicken diner, I picture a Five Guys’esque style space and as much as I love Five Guys, Boondocks is so much nicer and prettier than I could’ve ever expected (get a better look on my YouTube video).

Although not the place for a calorie counter, the menu boasts a lot of selection especially for those with a sweet toast! I mean who doesn’t love somewhere with multiple French toast and waffle options? It’s so hard to find these days. The chicken is really delicious and tastewise I definitely recommend the Bojangles, I found the bread a little too toasted for me but thats just because I kind of have a fear tough bread will take out another one of my fillings..anyway, the mix of cheese sauce and hot sauce is a vibe. As you know I am such a savoury girl at heart and anything with hot sauce sparks joy with my asianess so this is a great choice if you are also a fan of these flavours.

The chicken and waffles are a signature so there was no doubt I was going to order it. Perfect waffle and not too sickly and filling considering being such a heavy option usually. Then we finished off with roasted strawberry french toast, usually I would pick a banana French toast however, Katie was really feeling them strawbs so I gave it a go and no regrets a beautiful French toast and I can’t wait to come back to try the banana.

Sideswise we went for hash browns of course and plantain chips, I found the plantain chips a bit too dry but hash browns – how can you go wrong!

Boondocks is perfect for a bottomless brunch or groups and fried chicken lovers. Would love to come back to see if the dinner setting gives it a more romantic edge with the decor so eyes peeled!

Boondocks: 205 City Road, London EC1V 1JN (take the Northern line to Old Street and its a 5 minute walk in the direction of the Montcalm)


love juti

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