More than just Buns: Buns and Buns





On the table:

Lobster brioche roll / Clam and mussels / Chilli thai prawn bun / Pork belly bun / Burrata and San Daniele ham pizza

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary

Full menu here

The review:

Semi-newly opened Buns & Buns in the centre of Covent Garden Piazza attracts the eyes of all passers by. With an open kitchen and sleek aesthetics, this 4 month old restaurant provides another great spot to grab a bite in this iconic area of London.

The menu consists of a range of options from seafood to bao buns and pizza’s. I have to be honest, the prices are a bit steeper than I would want to pay especially for the bao buns however it’s expected due to its tourist-y location. 

Standout dishes were the lobster roll, pork belly bun and mussels. I was recommended against ordering the half lobster as it was a little low on meat but I can confirm that the lobster roll nailed the meat-to-bread ratio. I found the prawn bao was quite oily to hold however still tasted great but I did prefer the pork belly which is rare as I’m more of a seafood bao gal self. I would say get both however priced at £7 I understand it’s more expensive than usual bars you can find which is why I would recommend the pork. The mussels nonetheless could not be faulted, a large portion and great flavour.

A perfect location for a work lunch, family occasions and also a date night when it’s less hustle-and-bustley in the evenings.

Bunsandbuns: 5 Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 8RA (If you take the Piccadilly Line to Covent Garden it’s about a 3 minute walk).

You can only book for groups on the website so walk straight in!

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