Catalyst Cafe: Is this the Best Brunch in London?

avo baba ganoush





On the table:

Cardamom Chicken flatbread with coffee sriracha / Avo Baba Ganoush (vegan) / Pancakes with grilled banana

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary

Full menu here

The review:

Wow. This place. Wow. This brunch was so much better than I could ever imagine and I only hope I can put it in to words. If I can’t then trust me when I say you need to go.

Let’s start with the chicken flatbread with coffee sriracha. I love coffee, I love sriracha – of course (I am asian after all) so this was amazing. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the combination of all the flavours was truly bliss.

Baba ganoush has always been one of those things I see on a menu, know I don’t really love but I will always give it another chance and order it then semi-regret it however, this was not your usual baba ganoush because well, look at it! They grill half an aubergine and put it on top of sourdough with all the toppings and spices, I must say I much prefer Catalyst baba ganoush making a delicious and very satisfying vegan dish.

The show stopper is of course the huge pancakes. Although I don’t have a massive sweet tooth, I will never not order something sweet to finish the meal because let be honest, that’s what the people want to see and I am happy to oblige by stuffing my face. This pancake was huge and thick but not heavy, is that possible? Well I can confirm it is now.

This is by far the best brunch I have had in London so far and it is a shame they don’t open on weekends but the guys need a break! That place is always SO busy. So if you’re lucky enough to be able to pop in midweek then do because you won’t regret it.

Perfect for anyone who appreciates great food.

Catalyst Cafe: 48 Grays Inn Road, Chancery Ln, London WC1X 8LT (Take the central line to Chancery Lane and it’s a 3 minute walk from the station).



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