Pretty and Peruvian: Pachamama East






On the table:

Seabass ceviche / Sweet potato crisps / Tapioca marshmallows, ocopa sauce / Padron peppers / Pork belly chicharrones / Sichuan fried chicken, atacama sauce / Duck on rice

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary

Full menu here

The review:

After hearing mixed reviews saying that the interiors and decor were beautiful but the food was only so-so, I can confirm that I don’t know what these people were talking about. Maybe we just ordered the right things? Either way I loved every dish we were served and the experience was only made better by such gorgeous interiors. 

I’ll admit, at first glance the menu seemed confusing and overwhelming however once we had been recommended the tapioca marshmallows (tapioca is a starchy substance in the form of hard white grains – don’t worry we didn’t know this either!) and the ceviche of course, we found the rest of the table fillers pretty easily. 

Although I enjoyed all of them, favourite dishes include tapioca marshmallows – very different to anything I’ve ever tried before, Sichuan chicken – so tender and the pork belly chicharrones which is pork belly cubes with a miso glaze – beautiful.

A perfect location for a first date, work lunches or even to grab a bite alone!

Pachamama East: 73 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HR (If you take the Northern Line to Old Street is about a 5 minute walk in the direction of the Hoxton).


love juti

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