Dear Me, I love you always x

Everyone’s preaching self love this Valentines Day and although some may eye roll, if we can’t love ourselves today then when can we.

Here’s five things I love about me. It’s so easy to get caught up on loving everyone else so I encourage you to write yourself the same letter and remember that you’re pretty great too.

Dear Me, 

I love you for never letting a boy make you feel shit despite all the horrible things they did to you and never feeling like you rely on them to make you happy.

I love you for being stubborn and speaking your mind/ the brutal truth even if you know that’s not what people want to hear, it’s always for the best.

I love you for just being able to get up and move everyday to try new things, meet new people and see more of life without a second thought.

I love you for laughing at yourself. Mainly, when you lost your passport 5 hours before you had to fly to Marrakech and then cried when your sister found it again. You really held it together for a while man then broke down on your instastory – so jokes.

I love you for always trying, whether its to make people feel better or to make the most of what life hands you.

I love you always,

Juti x


What would you thank yourself for?

love juti

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