Review: Japes

Where to find them:

22-25 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3RY

What they’re about:

Japes is still a relatively new soho joint located in Dean Street supplying Londoners with some foodporn-worthy deep dish pizzas, pizza pot pies and waffles!

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What to order:

We opted for:

  • Piccante Deep Dish Pizza
  • Green Queen Pizza Pot Pie
  • Grissini with Dips
  • Monkey Peanuts Waffle (petite)

We also didn’t eat anything before in preparation so we were absolutely starving and so ready to eat.

Full menu here

The verdict:

Japes really surprised me. With it being January and a holiday coming up I actually considered rearranging for when I was back to give my holiday bod a chance but I am really glad I didn’t.

First off the interiors are really quite gorgeous and well designed but not too in your face. They have a great balance of fancy with street without looking tacky and providing a nice and lounge environment to enjoy a full meal or even just coffee. Plus they have the most gorgeous chairs – please can I have one?

If like me you are wondering “what is the difference between a deep dish pizza and a pot pie?” The answer is the deep dish is a deep pan very saucy Although the pizza’s are of course quite heavy, especially my Green Queen Pot Pie which was delicious and not food coma inducing despite being smothered in cheese, I didn’t feel like I’d just eaten loads of oil or something my body would be mad at me for – plus it was surrounded by salad so its basically healthy right? I had a little bit of the picante deep dish and that extra sauce makes all the difference plus I love anything with nduja on it so I would definitely recommend this if you want to try a deep dish.

We played it smart this time by ordering the petite waffles and thank god because although lighter than it looks, its still a pretty heavy meal, I mean carbs, cheese, waffles and ice-cream – new year, same me, no regrets.

The whole experience at Japes was so great beyond what I could’ve anticipated being a thin dish/ sourdough pizza lover but the service, interiors and food make it worthy of a visit from everyone.


The visuals:


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