Where to find them:

144 Commercial Street, Spitalfields

What they’re about:

Genesis aka the hottest vegan hotspot in Shoreditch proves that you don’t need to be covered in flowers to be an instagrammers dream. On top of their Barbie World meets comic book interiors, the restaurant is serving some of the most enviable vegan food on the gram which tastes as good as it looks.

What to order:

We opted for:

  • Genesis Burger
  • Slaw Dog
  • Fried Avocado Tacos
  • Fries
  • Mac n Cheese (how can you not)
  • Cauliflower with Tahini

Then we, well I didn’t because my hangover started to kick in after I ate the taco and I was super full but Gemma ordered a bread and butter pudding and brownie for dessert – I did try both though and really wish I left room.

Full menu here

The verdict:

The overall experience was really lovely with great service and truly great food. Although I am not sure when I will next be able to afford another meal here, it’s the perfect option for a special occasion or fancy work meal!

What did I think of the food? I’m actually a big appreciator of vegan food and I love seeing how new restaurants recreate typically dairy dishes and how this compares for me as a non-vegan. Let’s start with the fried avocado…w-o-w. I have many questions here;
Why isn’t avocado always fried?
Why have I never tried it before?
Is it still healthy?
Do I care either way?
Big fan of the avocado tacos, ate the whole thing and felt pretty happy with myself. As a side it’s a great size and definitely impressive to look at.

Other standout dishes were the burger which even if you aren’t vegan, looked hella mouthwatering and I really did like the slaw dog – great for bbq sauce lovers. The only dish I wasn’t hugely keen on was the cauliflower. I feel since trying more vegan places, I have such high standards for cauliflower dishes and if you read my other blog posts, you will know I am so into it at the moment but sadly I didn’t feel that this dish quite lived up to its look. It tasted burnt but also a bit raw and I didn’t find the flavours worked as well as they should. Otherwise though a very very strong selection of food form this vegan fast food joint. OH and the cold brew latte here is the best iced coffee I’ve had – I love you.

Overall, I would say that Genesis is worth a visit for both vegan and non-vegans as they really just serve #foodgoals. The extensive menu provides loads of choice meaning you will have to visit more than once!


The visuals:


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