2018: Thank u, next

If you would’ve told me a year ago I would be managing a restaurant and doing my blog full time then I would’ve laughed in your face. 2018 has been an amazing year, I quit my job, I started to earn money on my blog/ instagram and I’ve ticked some amazing places off my bucket list. I’m thankful for the amazing and inspirational people I’ve been able to meet through this platform and the online community.

In 2019 my main goal is to be more proactive and try those things like youtube and IGTV even if I might fail, how will you ever know really until you try. New challenges, new countries and new goals. This year I am setting 20 goals for 2019 and lets see if I’ve ticked them all off come 2020.

Download my template


  • Do 20 full press ups
  • Run 5k
  • Do one roll out on an abwheel
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps everyday
  • Lose 1 stone


  • Visit two countries I’ve never been to before
  • Explore the UK more and book more staycations
  • Go Glamping
  • Make time to see friends outside of London


  • Hit 200 subscribers on the blog
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Organise more events both meet ups and for restaurants
  • Post 1 outfit post a week and 1 restaurant review a week


  • Hit 10,000 followers on @belleofbrunch
  • Do an IGTV video at least once a month
  • Do a giveaway every month
  • Get to know my followers more!


  • Spend less, sell more (thinking of setting up an insta to sell my preloved goods)
  • Make more effort to see friends not just texting “miss u, let’s do something soon” and then never doing something soon
  • Enjoy moments not just for the gram

So there we are, 20 goals and 12 brand new months to work on them and I can’t wait. What are your main goals for 2019?

Use my template below and schedule in a little reward when you’re done! Make sure to tag me so I can share them!

Download the template here

Download the template here

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