5 things I love about Winter

I never thought I would be excited about anything other than pure sunshine but this year something changed. I think maybe because I’m out of a 9 to 5, I was actually able to take in the change in seasons when it was still light outside (sorry guys!) and it’s really not so bad. So for any other summer babies, here’s what we can look forward to during the below double digit season that’s only a couple of week away…

#1 The Films

If you know me, you know I love binge watching films and series and as soon as Christmas lights are up on Oxford Street the films are up on the TV guide. I mean Notting Hill has already made an appearance and I can’t wait to watch all the classics this year from bed.

#2 The Sunsets

How bloody gorgeous is the London sky at the moment. When the air is crisp, you’re all snuggled up in your thick coat and look up to the pink pastel of a sky before it burns fire orange. It’s so beautiful it almost makes you forget about the hundred awful armpits you’ll have to face once you get on the tube. I said almost.


#3 Comfort Food

Layer up babes and I don’t mean in clothes, I mean in food because if there’s anything the cold weather is good for, it’s justifying staying in bed with a pizza, or going out with a pizza, or a burger for lunch and dinner, or 5 hot chocolates a day. It’s cold outside guys, I’m just looking out for you.

#4 Winter Accessories

My winter wardrobe is work in progress but what I can always appreciate is winter accessories. Fluffy hats, thick scarves and ear muffs, the cuter the better and they can only come out in winter. I have already bought 3 hats and eyed up about 15 scarves I want so now just to find some money! I find charity shops always have great jumpers and scarves perfect for layering up.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

#5 Holidays are coming

I don’t know what it is about this year but I am totally feeling the Christmas vibes and London has really upped it’s displays. From Covent Garden to The Ivy in Chelsea, you can’t escape it and why should you ever want to, plus the Christmas coffees are just the best; toffee nut lattes, gingerbread lattes, baileys lattes, gimme them all! Plus I hear the Bavarian Beer Hall at Winter Wonderland calling my name…

Christmas Display at Somerset House

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