My Top 6 Brunch Spots in London

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People always ask me where’s good for brunch in London and with so much choice everywhere I get that it can be hard to choose. I’ve tried a fair few in the city which probably doesn’t even account for 3% of the brunches you can find here but I am trying!

Out of these here are my top brunches in London (6 because I didn’t know who to cut), I’ve kept it to the none-bottomless ones for now and will release my favourite bottomless brunches after!

Egg Break

Eggbreak will always have a place my heart when it comes to brunch. Expect a queue whatever time you go but its absolutely a must visit for all brunch lovers. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the cornflake French toast.

Read the full review here

Ask for Janice

Ask for Janice did not disappoint. After seeing it plastered all over my instagram feed, when we finally had a chance to go we were ready. Their must try are the scones but to be honest every dish we had was pretty great.

You can read my full review here.

Bens Canteen

Bens Canteen is perfect if you love loads of really great looking and tasting food – so basically everyone right? I recently got a chance to try this and was left singing it’s praises. The pancake stack here is phenomenal.

Read my full review here.


Dalloway Terrace

How can you not want to go to Dalloway Terrace for brunch or any meal, like seriously! Granted you will be splashing out the cash a bit more but to be surrounded by flowers, I think it’s worth it don’t you?

Read my review here.


It’s been a while since I’ve been back but I still remember my brunch at Drunch! Amazing service and great food especially the cocktails and dessert, they’re also big on flowers so I would say its the full package.

Full review just a click away


I love Megans, the cookie dough is unreal and its great for vegans and non-vegans which is always important. The prices are quite fair and I loved having food and coffee surrounded by fairy lights. They have multiple venues in West London so you are never too far away!

Full review right here

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