The Athenian

Where to find them:

I visited the White City branch at White City Place Unit 5, Wood Lane, W12 7TU only a few minutes walk from White City station (central line).

Other locations can be found here

What they’re about:

Since 2014, The Athenian has been changing perceptions of contemporary Greek cuisine in the UK with its authentic street food and delicious souvlaki. It’s extremely popular with almost every food blogger and the public alike with its huge portions and small price tags in London’s trendiest locations.

What to order:

  • Pork or chicken gyros in a wrap or box

I would recommend one box and one wrap like we did however I always lean towards pork for the gyros. They also do vegan gyros!

The verdict:

I get it. I totally get it. This was me losing my Athenian virginity and what a fantastic time it was. Greek street food has a place in my heart especially the Gyros which has kept me going on those holidays where you’ve budgeted £30 a day. Honestly I don’t think I could ever get bored of it and I’m so glad I’ve finally found something that can satisfy those cravings without having to get on a plane. The meat is delicious, the pita is soft, tzatziki is life and all wraps should include seasoned chips. I personally preferred the box/platter style as I like to stab, pick and dip but if you’re looking to grab something whilst wandering around London then the wrap is perfect and utterly huge. Between me and my boyfriend we just managed to finish both and that’s really saying something because he eats A LOT. I can safely say that if you haven’t tried the Athenian then you need to and if you are looking for a location that isn’t quite as busy but has a banging Usher playlist then White City is the branch you need to visit.

The visuals:








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