Food Diary: August

With so many places to try, here’s where I went last month that’s worth a visit.

Make sure to tag me if you end up going so I can share!



Food Rating: 3/5                            Experience Rating: 3/5

I sometimes find that instagrammable cafes life Feya tend to be making up in beauty with what they lack in quality however, Feya had some beautiful designed plates (expected as the menu is designed by blogger and author, Virpi Mikonnen) that weren’t bad in flavour either, my favourite was the beetroot hummus on toast with avocado, I love that you could still taste the chickpea.


Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 3.5/5

A restaurant that serve mini souvlaki wraps in an intimate setting? What else could you want. After my holidays in Greece, greek food has a special place in my heart especially all the wraps for 2 euros keeping my broke self alive. Suvlaki in Brick Lane is a gorgeous little restaurant which is so unassuming from the outside but really quite romantic inside. They serve small plates which is my favourite type of dinner or if you’re popping in for lunch, just grab a large wrap and be on your way. It’s a good ‘un!




Food Rating: 5/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

I’ve had ramen three times in my life and this was my favourite. Why? I imagine because it involved truffle. Although it was probably the wrong day to be eating ramen with it being 27 degrees outside, I am so ready to go back as we enter a new season. The Karaage chicken is a must also, it just falls apart with every bite.


cred: Evening Standard

Royal China

Food Rating: 3/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

Make my day and tell me we are going for dim sum. Make it even better by telling me we’re having the roast duck too. Royal China is a classic for dim sum and with one of their branches only a few minutes away from my house in Harrow, it would be rude not to. You can probably find slightly cheaper and maybe slightly tastier dim sum but if you’re going for a safe option then this ones for you. They also have restaurants dotted around London so you are never far!



Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

I have been waiting to go here for so long! Being based in Turnpike Lane is definitely random as the restaurant feels a little more high end but you completely forget where you are once you’re upstairs. With a wall of gold sequinned, tender meats, and fabulous sharing plates, Tashish is 100% worth the visit. The vibe is also absolutely spot on and I loved the music – great for big groups and special occasions.



Food Rating: 2/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

If you google “vegan restaurant in London” Tibits will come up. I personally think for the price it maybe isn’t worth visiting all the time although I did go very overboard. It’s much more of a lunch menu than a dinner menu as the buffet is weighed to find the cost and the selection is mainly hot and cold salad with a few pies and spring rolls. I think it’s one to tick off but definitely luxury not necessity.



Food Rating: 2.5/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

Browns in Covent Garden is absolutely huge. The restaurant really does go on and on and if you’re looking for somewhere to grab a quick and very reasonably priced breakfast in the heart of Covent Garden then Browns is it. I really liked the lobster Benedict which is slightly pricer than everything else but the fry ups are also huge and of great value. Pancakes to finish as always right?



Brigits Afternoon Tea

Food Rating: 4.5/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

Now this is an afternoon tea with a bit more to offer. Based on one of London’s red route masters, the afternoon tea bus is a tour of London whilst enjoying some mazing pastries from B Bakery, to be honest I think I preferred these to that of Dominique Ansel. For £45 it’s perfect for a special occasion and you can read my full review here.


Pf Changs Asian Table

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4.5/5

Its been nearly two weeks since I visited Pf Changs and I can’t stop thinking about the Dynamite Shrimp. You should go for this alone…and the white chocolate bomb. The rest of the food was definitely enjoyable and we were left stuffed but these were definitely the highlights. The service was also top notch which makes it unsurprising that this is a hotspot for Instagram stars.


No Moo Moo (St Albans)

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 3.5/5

I saw this St Albans cafe on @lauraslittlelocket ‘s instagram page and I just had to visit. Overlooking the cathedral this plant-based cafe is pure interior goals and the best part is, you can buy and take home the pieces yourself! For the prices, the portions are very generous and I heavily recommend the earth bowl and jackfruit burger – this had a nutty texture but great seasoning. Also definitely sit upstairs, it’s much nicer and calmer than downstairs.

Radio Alice Pizzeria

Food Rating: 3.5/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

I must’ve seen this on @foodfeels feed over a year ago now and the nduja pizza did not disappoint. The pizza dough was great and although the vegan option didn’t tickle my fancy – the meat options are great. I would go for the courgette pizza as a second option, drizzled in chilli oil it makes for a great dinner and your surrounded by the lively vibe of Hoxton square.




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