Food Diary: July

Here’s all the fabulous places I got to try last month and what I thought. If you’ve tried any let me know what you thought too!

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Dirty Bones

Food Rating: 2.5/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

I’ve been to Dirty Bones twice now, once in Carnaby and this time in Soho. I always raved about the brunch here because when I went in Carnaby we had hella fun but this time I was told brunch was only served in their soho branch and was sadly left a bit disappointed. Our drinks took around half an hour to arrive (even the beers) and then the food took another 40 or so minutes after the drinks . The French toast was a bit dry and it was really hard to get anyone to serve us.

In one sentence: Really disappointing for a busy soho branch.

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Market Hall

Food Rating: Avg 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

As far as food markets go, this one is certainly a little different. Set in an old Edwardian train station Market Halls has some fabulous vendors including hotbox, fanny’s kebabs, soft serve society and so many more and what’s the best part? AIR CONDITIONING. I love the novelty of food halls and I really enjoyed the increased sophistication of this one! Read my full review on city countdown here

In one sentence: A beautiful food market with great vendors and #interiorgoals

Mac & Wild

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 4/5

What ever you do, don’t ask for coffee. This lived up to all my meaty expectations. Naturally if you don’t like haggis, this is not the one for you and definitely not one for a light lunch but if you want cocktails, meat and a really bloody great burger then this is where to go. I’ve heard so much about the veni-moo burger and wow, that is really a GREAT burger. For me it was like a really better, classier version of the Big Mac in a beautiful brioche bun so what’s not to love.

In one sentence: A meaty coffee free zone.

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Tell Your Friends

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 3/5

I love to try a vegan meal every now and again and when I got the chance to try MIC sister’ new vegan hotspot I was excited to see what creative dishes would appear on the menu. The chicken bites were honestly mind blowing for me, the texture, look and taste was just like chicken. I loved the cheese board and the Mac n cheese was so creamy and although not an exact replica of dairy Mac n cheese, still left me wanting more. Read my full review on City Countdown

In one sentence: An instagrammable vegan treat

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Bulgogi Grill (Leeds)

Food Rating: 5/5                            Experience Rating: 4.5/5

We went here to celebrate my sister’s graduation and oh my lord wow. It’s been a while since I’ve been to one of these Korean grills where you cook the food yourself on a hot plate but boy have I missed it. I’m sure we have a lot of these in London but definitely not for the price you get in Leeds especially for unlimited rice, Korean sides and lettuce, this place has a home in my heart. The only way it would’ve been perfect is if it was a bit busier but the whole experience was fabulous. In one sentence: I found a new appreciation for grilling.


Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 3/5

Peckham always comes out with new and delicious food and Tupi was no different. Peas in a fritter? Huge pancakes, a great iced chai latte in a relaxed setting. I was impressed with the food here, feta was a little strong for my liking but all in all worth the money you paid and with an extensive menu, there will definitely be something for everyone – I know I found it hard to pick!

In one sentence: A really cute brunch in Peckham with an interesting menu.

Little Bat

Food Rating: 4.5/5                            Experience Rating: 4.5/5

This one really surprised me. For a cocktail bar to launch a brunch I always expect it to be a bit “typical” so to speak but I felt like these brunch dishes were very well thought through with their own little twist. I loved the truffle rosti and the croquettes so much and the team were so lovely. The atmosphere was so nice and being a cocktail bar, you better expect a few tunes to be playing. Well done to the Little Bat team for a great time!

Read my full review on City Countdown

In one sentence: A cool and hip jiggling brunch full of flavour.

Joe’s Cafe

Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 2/5

If the restaurant is based in Knightsbridge, downstairs is a designer clothes store (Joseph) then you better believe it wasn’t cheap. The service was brilliant from staff however the atmosphere was a little quite, I was quite weary of my volume whilst dining. The food however was lovely, iced coffee – fantastic and the dessert really got us (photo above). If you fancy somewhere a bit different for good quality food and are willing to pay a bit more then this is your place.

In one sentence: A cute little shopping break with killer iced coffee.

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Food Rating: 4/5                            Experience Rating: 5/5

This was an Adwaiz event and I luckily got to meet some fabulous people whilst devouring maybe 100 mussels. I’ve been dying to go to Belgo for over a year now but when you don’t know what Belgian food entails, it’s hard to be in the mood for it. Well now I know and I feel like I’m going to be in the mood for it a lot. Think mussels, think beers, think cheese – THE DREAM. I actually think I liked everything I ate, sadly I forgot my camera at home so the photo doesn’t do it justice but you have to visit.

In one sentence: Mussels, mussels and more mussels.

PAUL Bottomless Afternoon Tea

Food Rating: 3.8/5                            Experience Rating: 3/5

Based a short 5 min walk from Liverpool Street in Old Broad Street, Restaurant de PAUL have launched a fabulous little afternoon tea. The show stopper in my opinion was their take on the classic scone, I actually think I preferred these brioche pastries dare I say. The afternoon tea wasn’t overflowing with food however, I did like the balance between sweet and savoury and for once me and my mumma didn’t leave anything left on the plates. It was also bottomless so really how much better could you get for a Monday.

In one sentence: Lovely afternoon tea you won’t struggle to finish.

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