Why every blogger needs a camera

I’m an absolute shopaholic and the need to have things other people have really is a problem for me (I think I get it from my Dad) especially when I can’t afford this luxuries. My friend Abi suggested to me 6 months into me starting my blog that I should consider getting this camera she’d seen all her favourite bloggers boast about on Youtube.

When I first googled the price (£539.99), I shut her down straight away. My blog only really had maybe 2.5k followers and I didn’t feel I could justify spending nearly half a months wages on a camera – little did I know I was soon to purchase the camera and my MacBook… I am honestly out of control.

I gave it a few months and it was as if the internet heard my conversation because all I could see was bloggers posting about this camera and it was popping up everywhere. Eventually I grew tired and frustrated of seeing my iPhone tell me that I had less than 100MB of storage left and did my research.

After probably about 7 hours in total of watching god knows how many vlogs comparing this camera with this other camera, including a 12 minute long video of an Indian man walking around the streets showing me the difference between the two in low light, I finally decided that the Canon G7x Mark 2 was the one for me. Although still not exactly cheap I felt that for a compact camera it had fantastic reviews and a lot of bloggers had recommended this plus the fact that I had also found a great deal on Very.co.uk where I could pay for the camera in three instalments without any interest.

Now I am no professional photographer or camera wiz and after having my camera for 7 months there’s still so much I need to learn but I love it. I take it with me everywhere and to be honest, the auto setting is actual quite good for most situations making it perfect for anyone else who is scared by loads of buttons, settings and complications in any tech device. The quality is also so much better than a phone, even the new iPhone’s portrait mode does not compare in my opinion, obviously with natural light those photos are still good but I just think the camera picks up so much more detail. The video quality is also just not comparable – this camera is heavily recommended for vlogging so I think if I ever do decide to get in the YouTube game at least I’m camera ready.

If like me you don’t feel like you’re confident enough to be whipping out some huge camera with a lens and tripod and all of the above yet, then this compact camera is the once for you. I definitely feel that since I’ve bought it, the quality of my photos has improved massively (I hope you agree) and I’ve already seen two of my fab foodie gal pals @thelittlelondonfoodie and @eatinguplondon have joined the canon club! As a blogger I think this is a hugely important investment and although at the start I really only bought it to stop seeing that god damn iPhone notification, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and worth every penny.

If you have any questions about the camera at all then please feel free to drop me an email or dm! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have

love juti

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