Flyte Energy Drinks

I’m so hesitant to try out new energy drinks that promise me organic ingredients and natural caffeine but I was pleasantly surprised by Flyte.

I always think that if they are promising you all these added health benefits, then there must be a catch like the drink tasting like fizzy stale beer or something like that so what immediately caught my attention was that these were flavoured; Red Berry and Green Mango. Really solid flavours I’d say and they are firm favourites with me. I couldn’t finish a whole bottle in a day so I had these over 4 days, at only 40 calories a bottle, I was laughing.


I think 4 days is probably too short to see a real impact on my energy levels however I can safely say I did enjoy the flavours, found it very easy to drink and not too sugary. Packaging-wise you can tell a lot had gone into trying to make the design very cool and almost techlike, it reminded me of that Number 5 gum they still stock in some places, do you know what I mean? The bottles themselves are very strong and small, easily fits in a handbag and I don’t feel like it weighs me down which is important.


What’s inside?

  • No GMO (genetically modified) ingredients
  • Free from added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Natural ingredients (including organic caffeine from green coffee and maca root)

Would I recommend this drink?

I think this drink is definitely worth a try, it’s got good flavour and if you are looking for an alternative to caffeine then this is one of the nicer ones I’ve tried. Obviously I think you need to give it a few weeks to see whether you notice a change in how you feel as I was only testing this product, this is my honest opinion.

You can try Flyte absolutely free by buying their taster pack here so why not!

Let me know what you think!

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