Review: King’s Head Courtyard

Is this possibly Putney’s coolest hidden gem?

Where to find them:

4 Fulham High St, Fulham, London SW6 3LQ

Putney Bridge on the District Line (2 minute walk), Putney Station on National Rail (12 min walk)

What they’re about:

Described by Time Out as “Fulham High Street bar’s pride and joy”, King’s Head in Putney is a cool and quirky venue offering and outdoor summer garden with booths, very extravagant decor, with trees growing out of the ground inside, a taste of stranger things and a creative cocktail list, not to mention the team are pretty great too and really know their cocktails.

What to order:

This one works a little differently…

Course 1: The Table will receive a sharing platter of Nachos to begin with

Course 2: You choose either beef, chicken or veggie tacos

Course 3: You choose 3 tapas options: Chorizo sausages, Luca’s buffalo wings, Deep fried calamari, Prawns, Patatas braves, Halloumi Fries, Baked mushrooms.

If you have room for dessert is £5 extra for Pancakes (we didn’t have room)

For tow of us I have bolded what we ordered.

The Verdict:


I first discovered King’s Head when they did an offer on Time Out and found out it was right down the road from my old job. After having my leaving drinks there I was sold on the idea that this is probably Fulham’s coolest bar. The interior is a combination of crazy junk chic (and I mean that in the nicest way because I love it), stranger things and the outdoors yet it all looks intentional.

The brunch is a little different aka there is not an egg in sight which is fitting because this place is a little different to any bar in the area. The theme is Mexican/tapas so I’d say its perfect if you’re looking for a brunch that will work for a mixed gender group or even a group of boys however us girls loved it too. The nachos are definitely more than enough for two and they were short on dip and jalapeño which I loved. Being cautious to not be full too quickly, we left a few of these before moving on to tacos. The chicken taco was really nice, good flavour and a good size. The beef tacos were slightly dry in my opinion and although the flavours were really nice I think it needed a salsa or more sauce to really be perfect. The tapas was a good amount, it looks small but when you’re drinking between courses, you fill up pretty quick (well I do at least). My favourite was the chorizo by far followed by the buffalo wings then mushrooms and calamari, the prawns lacked flavour I found so I would’ve ordered the potatoes braves next time round. We were absolutely stuffed though and I would definitely go back.

Brunch in photos:













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