BBTW: I’m definitely going to the gym today…

Anyone else finding it impossible to go to the gym? Anyone else getting voicemails from the gym asking if they’re okay? No? Just me? Don’t lie…

The reality of the situation is my 16 year old metabolism has truly gone and now I bloat when I drink one sip of water and gain an extra roll on my chin just thinking abut my next meal. Now just to clear everything up because I know what everyone’s like in this day and age with fat shaming or body shaming so I know I’m not exactly fat but I’m also not happy with where my body is at right now and that’s fine with me because I don’t help myself. I have a holiday in three days yet can’t seem to commit any time to go to the gym. I spend £37 a month which isn’t extortionate but this maybe why I don’t feel obliged to go. It’s just so hard to get there though! I blame the fact that the gym at home doesn’t have parking and that I’m not always in Tooting but I struggle to go in any situation.

I thought I would share all the mad things I’ve tried so far to get my #balibod and how I found they worked out for me. Hopefully they can give you some inspiration but if you could give me any, that’s also appreciated!

#1 Join a gym

The obvious solution when you’ve given up all the 5 sports you used to play from when before you were 14. I thought spending money on a gym would mean I would at least try and make my money back which is usually about 5 gym visits a month. In the year I’ve had my membership I’ve probably managed to make my money back during 4 months only. I would however suggest joining a gym with a lot of classes. I am considering going back to my old gym and committing to classes to see if this helps. My main problem with the gym is that I hate going when it’s busy but now that I’m self employed, I can find times that aren’t busy and also combine these with classes. Fingers crossed.


#2 Do home workouts

The result of the guilt you feel for not going to the gym. If I was motivated to do home workouts every day then I probably would quit the gym. My favourite workouts are usually 20 minute HIIT workouts which you can find on YouTube, even better are the ones that say 20 exercises in 20 minutes because this means that if you feel like hell, it will only last 40 secs before you never have to do it again. You can also find a lot of good workouts on instagram!

home workout

#3 Going veggie/vegan two days a week

Very very difficult for me however, I want to try and cut down my meat intake for health reasons and also of course the planet, but I’m not trying to kid anyone, it’s mainly for health. I will never be able to be vegetarian but if I could just reduce my meat intake apparently that helps. So why not try!

Who remembers this!!

#4 Follow insanely buff people on Instagram

And hope that you fall in love with their bodies so much this motivates you to go to the gym. This has happened to me on 5 occasions. Worth a try I’d say. Courtney Kardashian is looking great at the moment and she’s popped out 3 kids….goals.

those god damn salads

#5 Book a holiday

If there’s anything that will help motivate you to get in shape it’s a bloody holiday, let’s be honest! Okay so this is the more expensive option but book a beach holiday because you deserve a break and then get that dreamy tanned bod you’ve been seeing on instagram.


#6 Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This will go one of two ways; very well and get you in the gym or very very depressing. It was the first for me.

vs fashion

#7 Look back at old photos of yourself

Gone were the days when you had your prime metabolism and took lack of exercise to stay skinny for granted. But what’s better motivation than seeing yourself how you want to look. If you used to look like that then you can get back to it!

I’m not even sure how I was ever this size

#8 Have a friend like Samantha White

Now to anyone that doesn’t know me and Sam then you will probably think I’m being quite rude but Samantha’s two year transformation is honestly inspirational. Find yourself a Samantha and you better believe that if she can transform herself from the 2am garlic bread eating uni fresher to this glam goddess then it is possible then you can get your dream bod!


So these are all things I’ve tried. What I can recommend is definitely finding a workout buddy who will scream at you when you try and cancel gym for dinner – don’t pick the weak ones.

In the next few months I will be having a healthy kick during Bali, drinking more water, walking more, going back to my old gym and doing more classes and eating fruit instead of crisps for snacks.

If anyone has any other ideas, please do share or if you have ever tried any of my 8 then let me know what it did for you.

Stay motivated guys, we can do this together.

2 thoughts on “BBTW: I’m definitely going to the gym today…

  1. Number 4 speaks to me! I follow so many people on instagram that as soon as I even think about not going to the gym, I have a scroll for a minute and I’m straight out of the door. A tip from me is to just do the exercise/ gym classes you enjoy. Theres no point in wasting hours at the gym on the treadmill if you hate it. Plus you’re more likely to give in. Good luck with your gymspiration girl!


    1. Same! Especially when you catch your double chin in the mirror I’m literally like RIGHT I’M GOING! I think classes are going to be the way for me once I’m back home and need to kick start this slightly healthier lifestyle. Thanks for the advice!

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