Valentine’s Day Brunch Inspiration

“There is no more sincere love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

The older you get/ the longer you are together, the more casual Valentine’s Day gets in my opinion and nobody minds because it’s more important to save for the future and get enough sleep…. HA please, this is me you’re talking about. Any occasion to get glam and spend more money than I have, I LOVE.

Whether you’ve been together for 5 years, 5 months, 5 seconds or you’re not even together and just hoping to impress/ get lucky (you little minx), I’m sure I have something for you all.

Now, Valentine’s Day falls on humpday – fitting… which means most people will celebrate either the weekend before or after I imagine so here are my top brunches for you depending on your vibe.

feeling romantic

Feeling Romantic

If you’re ready to smitten your kitten then these are the one for you.

  • Lanes of London: 5* service for a 5* babe, they will definitely make your visit special.
  • Christophers: If they don’t fall in love with you, they’ll fall in love with the French toast.
  • Dalloway Terrace: If they don’t fall in love with you after this then they have problems.
  • Bronte: Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by pink and glitter.
  • Plateau: Canary Wharf’s romantic rooftop.

feeling baller

Feeling Baller

You got the honeys, you got the moneys, I got your brunch.

  • Nobu Shoreditch: Fancy new hotel for a fancy lover, this is sure to make people jealous.
  • SushiSamba: When only rooftops and sushi are good enough for me them.
  • Gaucho: Bottomless food and cocktails for bottomless glam.
  • Chiltern Firehouse: Nuff said.
  • Chotto Matte: Nikkei to get the girls nekkid, warning £50 will still not buy you bottomless..but you don’t care #baller

feeling casual

Feeling Casual

For the people who haven’t had the talk yet.

  • Flesh and Buns: Guaranteed good food and you’ll get to feel some buns.
  • Melange: It’s glam but not assuming too much AND they have avocado hollandaise sauce.
  • Calcutta Street: Bengali’s know the way to my heart.
  • SmokeyTails: Smooth as Seth Troxler.
  • Pianoworks: Nothing like some sweet karaoke to get ya going.

Feeling lucky

Feeling Lucky

Need somewhere that will impress someone into falling in love with you or at least in to your bed? Who said romance is dead. I got you.

  • Drunch: This place is glam as f*ck and all about her..and the popcorn cheesecake..of lurve.
  • Asia De Cuba: If it’s not bottomless doughnuts, it’s not good enough.
  • Millie’s Lounge (The Ned): If Millie’s doesn’t get you going then there’s four other bars that will.
  • Bokan: If Vinny can get laid after a date here, so can you.
  • Oxo Tower: They’ll be impress with you and the view.


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