Review: Duck and Waffle Local

Get the chance to try Duck and Waffle without having to wait 267357474 weeks for a table

Take a tube to Piccadilly Circus and a 2 min walk to arrive at the baby of the famous Duck and Waffle.

The best thing about this place?

You can walk in and get a table!

Can you even imagine doing that at the offish restaurant? I don’t think so.

Being relatively new the restaurant is well lit and split into 3 sections with an open kitchen, main dining area and bar area.


There’s no harm in rebooking of course but I don’t think you would have to wait more than 15mins for a table.

When you take a seat, here’s what we’d recommend off the menu:


From the drinks:

  • Prosecco of course – this one was particularly easy to drink – £7
  • Peach Iced Tea – UN-REAL – £4


Now for the main attraction, I must confess, this was my first time to any D&W, I had a few recommendations from other bloggers too which definitely helped.

The other best thing about this place is that if like me, you eat for the gram, their website is ideal! Why you ask? It’s a picture menu.


I had already pre-decided that we MUST get waffles as they sound and look VERY pleasing. L et’s start with what we had and then I’ll follow it with what we’d get next time…

So we ordered:

  • Braised Duck Beni – £12
  • Poached Eggs with Avocado on Toast (Lisa doesn’t like duck, so probably not the correct choice of restaurant here) – £6.50
  • Vanilla Fudge Brownie Waffle – £7
  • Duck Jam Doughnut – £7

As you can tell, lighting was very yellow here, I would advise a window seat for better lighting for sure but we were the furthest away from a window possible.

The Duck Beni was really nice, I think maybe ever too slightly saucy but still, it works!

Lisa’s poached eggs on toast were avocado were about as nice as poached eggs on avocado could be – bread looked a lil thin in my opinion.

The waffle’s were unreal!!! If I had it my way I would’ve got the full Elvis but Dan hates peanut butter (next time!)

The Duck Jam Doughnut – this one was confusing for me, I don’t know if I’d eaten too much duck already. It was very hard and definitely a knife and fork job. Sometime’s I loved it, sometimes it was freaky, Dan liked it though so I think definitely worth a try.

I know what you’re thinking….


shame.gifshame.gif SHAME shame.gifshame.gif

I know I know but I’m going back okay!

Find them here:

52 Haymarket, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4RP

All day menu bitches

I would recommend this for…

  • Everyone looking to try D&W and not openly fussed about the menu

I wouldn’t recommend…

  • If you hate duck
  • If you don’t have a sweet tooth

Top Tip:

  •  Get the duck and waffle – we were dumb

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