Review: DRUNCH in Love

Question: What do you get if you add together brunch, drink and a hell of a lot of velvet?

Answer: The glorious, and I mean GLOR. I. OUS.  Drunch.

Late last year, the wonderful people of Drunch invited us along to their Regents Park branch for a little sampler of what they have to offer for your late morning taste buds. Hands up here, hadn’t heard of them. However opening up the website page for a pre-brunch stalk I was already impressed by their repertoire of restaurant locations – I mean Mayfair? Regents Park? AND Mykonos!? Clearly these cat’s knew what they are doing. So with that, we brushed our hair for the occasion and put on our best hats…..

NB: This was our first brunch with Juti’s new camera and we took f*** loads of selfies because of it


Despite being residents of North West London our whole lives, we have spent far too little time in St John’s Wood and tbh getting off the train there was a treat in itself (both unknowingly left each other voice notes of OMG WE NEED TO LIVE HERE). And, the restaurant is really a chameleon of its environment, the terrace, the decor, the colour scheme….the fireplace? Bloody beautiful. I might have still been drunk at the time, but I honestly could not stop complimenting the staff on just how nice it was, I was an embarrassment to myself. Why did no one muffle my rambles with the hand of a giant teddy bear or something seriously (refer to below).


Being the spontaneous devils we are (and because they had faux fur blankets) we decided to sit outside in November. We dgaf. The terrace area is a real feature;  heaters, ivy,  fur, flowers and duck egg blue, making us feel like we were far more important (and richer) than we are.

I actually have more to say on my visual love for this place, but like should probs mention the food now… (feel free to email any further questions, happy to discuss in detail the feng shui, the crushed velvet dining chairs, the plates… honest even ask about the fab smell in there).


As far as brunch menus go, this one was pretty conventional – a solid selection of the classics. If it aint broke, don’t fix it ya know?

First orders were a round of Prosecco, a little something to calm the mild hysteria that was walking into this beautiful place. 

Then to eat, we opted for: 

Chicken Baguette: Grilled Chicken, Pesto, Sun-blanched Tomatoes, Rocket & Onion on Ciabatta with Chips
Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes & Pesto
Eggs Royale
Pancakes Banana & Dulce de Leche AND French Toast with Berries, Creme Fraiche, Pistachio


Chicken Baguette: Grilled Chicken, Pesto, Sun-blanched Tomatoes, Rocket & Onion on Ciabatta with Chips (£15) – Everything you could want from a sandwich, the chips were noteworthy. Probably one of the larger meal options for those who skipped breakfast/ hungover (aka us).

Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes & Pesto (£10.95) – Small but tasty, would order a side to go with, or share as a side maybe.

Eggs Royale (£13.50) – Rated it, obvs you can’t go too wrong but the waiter did say it was his favourite.

Pancakes Banana & Dulce de Leche (£12) – Shared these, have no fear though they aren’t too sickly to eat alone. Go for it. Only the brave. 

French Toast with Berries, Creme Fraiche, Pistachio (£12) – Anna scoffed this down, like I think I ate a berry maybe, the speed shows enjoyment however. 

So i’ve got a hunch, that you are now convinced you need to Brunch at Drunch:

  • Available Saturday & Sunday from 12 midday to 6pm
  • Regents Park or Mayfair (I mean or Mykonos if you like)

Would recommend for

  • Girl group catch ups, honestly put on your all black outfits, leather jackets over the shoulders and meet here. Sit in the garden under the flowers, drink wine and have a good time.
  • Shopping breaks
  • Really feel like Summer is going complete this place

Wouldn’t suggest for 

  • Bottomless (not an option at current)
  • End of January – you pay for what you get here

So, as you can probably tell, the title of this blog did not lie. We are officially DRUNCH in love (with drunch) (watermelon).


S 💋

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