Fettle Cafe – Leeds

Hi guys, Juti here. So this weekend I had the sisterly duty of picking up my sister from Leeds and drive her home for Christmas. This obviously translated as eat as much of Leeds as you can in 24 hours.

This would’ve gone better if I hadn’t… you guessed it, gone out, got drunk and been hungover so really I then limited myself to about 18 hours minus 10 for beauty sleep. I love Instagram and had so many suggestions of where to go for food when I put a post up on our story which confirmed I will need to spend more than 8 hours exploring this city.

Being Christmas Eve, unfortunately a lot of the places were closed – devastating BUT for this trip I had planned brunch at Fettle which was open – yay!

First Fettle, this was actually recommended by my sister, I’m actually writing this live from my brunch so let’s break down how it’s going…

I’ve ordered:

  • Red Velvet Latte
  • Salt Beef Hash with extra Avocado: mini paprika roast potatoes and pan grilled peppers topped with a tomato sauce, salt beef and poached egg + avocado

I love the idea of coloured lattes but usually they’re beetroot or turmeric and I’m unsure I’m ready for that quite yet, red velvet however, I am certainly ready for. You get to pick cow or oat milk – I opted for cow, sorry vegans and then you can add caffeine which is obviously a yes. I imagine the caffeine darkened the colour but it certainly didn’t dampen the cake, it tastes like a caffeine injected red velvet cake which has everything to love.

After I took a sufficient amount of photos with my latte and glam af nails (see below) my food arrived.


This particular dish has been described as…


“so good”


I had high hopes…

6174630176_img_0544.jpg  6174630176_img_0542

And the verdict?

Delicious, my dish was kind of shakshouka sauce vibe with more substance in my opinion and as you can see, less soupey. I don’t think I’ve ever really had salt beef before, but I like it. I would definitely recommend avocado because 1) what’s brunch without avocado and 2) it adds a nice cooling flavour to a warm dish.

Brb eating my meal…


Ok done and dusted – tres full

The vibe of fettle is definitely coffee club chic I’d say. The café itself opened about a year ago in Leeds and looks like a made.com advert. With an environment suitable for a casual coffee or dinner in the best dress in your wardrobe, the quirky lights and a mix of simplistic wooden furniture and comfy arm chairs, Simon and Kamil really know how to nail mix and match. The restaurant is also very vegetarian/ vegan/ gluten free friendly with lots of options for you guys. When I spoke to one of the co-owners Kamil, he mentioned that Fettle was providing people with a more meat free lifestyle where most dishes are either veggie or vegan with meat extras. With plant base culture ever increasing, Fettle provides fresh, high quality food where cutting down on meat is promoted but does not restrict any meat lovers entering its doors – perfect!


I’ve been told the dress code in Leeds is quite casual, I am personally trying to give myself every opportunity to make it into a gym today so am looking not so chic in gym clothes and a little crazy with no sleeves but if I wasn’t, I would be opting for a loose turtle neck jumper, jeans and boots as it seems to be everyone else’s vibe in here.

I would recommend this for:

  • Anyone in Leeds of course or visiting
  • Group brunches of 6-8
  • Quick coffee grab
  • A place to catch up with friends

I would not recommend this for:

  • Workspace if you need wifi as they have any (this is on purpose), although if like me you just need word then absolutely fine!
  • Bottomless brunch as they don’t do it

Top tip:

  • Lighting is better at the front of the restaurant for your foodie pics
  • Get the red velvet latte with caffeine for Instagram and taste reasons
  • I arrived at about 12 with my pick of nearly all tables and it’s now 13.13 and there’s only 2.5/9 tables free so I would aim for a midday arrival

You can’t book this one so just head on over!

Read what I thought on my second visit here

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