Clerkenwell Grind: BOTM November

Ok ok, we are a little bit behind with BOTM but please forgive us. It’s the New Year, fresh starts and all that….

What seems like months ago (because it was), we had the delight of celebrating Juti’s big 24 birthday at the snazzy Clerkenwell Grind. We stumbled across it one day on a hungover walk, dragging our heels in self despair, and were instantly impressed with the brunch offering and neon lights – way to a girls heart.

With a group of 25 for the birthday brunch, we pretttyyyy much ticked off the whole menu. Highlights included:

  • Sweet potato and harissa cakes + poached egg (we added bacon just because girls need meat)
  • Flat Iron Steak
  • Full Veg breakfast (a large number of veggie friends)
  • Breakfast Burrito always a winner



Dat burrito
Juti really is a lucky girl

With good prices, easy location and insta worthy interior, this place is def worth a weekend stop off. Cool vibe with good tunes, and staff so friendly we even let them have some of Juti’s bday Dumdum doughnut (and we don’t like to share doughnuts). Sam Smith once said, I quote, “I F***ing love this place”. Mate if it’s good enough for Sam, it’s bloody well good enough for you.

Best of all they are open late which means you can start with one of their famous coloured lattes and end on the Belles fav, espresso martinis!

Clerkenwell Grind is just one in the chain – there’s cafes all over London for you to try pals.





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