Timmy vs. Darcie & May

A few weeks months back when it wasn’t pitch black at 4.30pm, I finally got to visit one of the most raved about brunch restaurannts – Daisy Green collection. Well now I’ve had a chance to visit two! After not having a chance to share Timmy, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and share my taste experiences with the Green’s so far in one post.



Timmy Green is located very centrally in one corner of the Nova Complex a short 7min walk from Victoria (5 if you’re quick). I’m not usually someone who loves purpose built food courts as they don’t usually seem as authentic and sometimes lose character however, the Nova Complex has a really great selection of restaurants and bars definitely providing a lot of choice if you’re every in the area for any budget.

Darcie & May

A little further west, this green is located right outside Paddington Station and don’t be fooled by the crazy route city mapper shows you because sometimes city mapper can be a bit retarded it’s literally 10-15 steps from the entrance/exit of Paddington station (when you come from the underground)…it’s a multicoloured boat…you really can’t miss it.

The Vibe

Both restaurants are very airy with lots of light making for fantastic Instagram pics. Timmy Green is really just a traditional restaurant set up with some hanging plants and neon lights but the overall vibe just screams clean in every sense as in, I feel healthier as soon as I walk in. I’d say it looks like a glam vegan food joint – take that as you will.

Darcie & May on the other hand gives off a more cool vibe. I mean it is a restaurant on a canal boat so that in itself is instaworthy and edgey af. As you can imagine the space is much smaller with one boat as a restaurant and one as a bar – don’t worry they do have toilets. Inside they have kept a similar decor to Timmy with velvet seats and marble tables. The difference is that at Darcie & May you’ll see your fair share of people perching themselves outside with their tripod’s trying to get the perfect pic so I would prep some perfect photobombing faces.

NB: When the tide river canal water gets a bit rocky on board Darcie & May it does make you feel slightly sea sick..I was hungover though so that did add to the nausea.

The Menu 

The brunch menu for both are very similar however, if you want the Vegan Nut Smoothie that I ordered below then you will have to take a trip to Timmy’s as this is the only place they serve them I believe (according to the waitress at Darcie) and you will want it because it’s delicious.

What did we order? So far we’ve tried:

  • The Bondi – back bacon, poached eggs, sausage, mushrooms, house made chilli pesto, avocado, charcoal bread (Margot had this)
  • Two free range eggs with avocado on charcoal bread (Gabbie had this)
  • Coconut bread french toast – thick Greek yogurt, fresh & freeze dried raspberries, mango, shaved coconut, bee pollen, pure Vermont maple
  • Shakshouka, spiced tomatoes, peppers, labne, baked free range eggs, charcoal bread. Extra: chorizo


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best thing about this brunch is definitely the charcoal bread because I love bread the colour of my soul. I can’t comment on the Bondi or Smashed avo but I can tell you that there was no a crumb left on the plate so take that as you will. The star of the show is obviously the coconut bread french toast…UN..REAL. The mango sauce was definitely my favourite bit, the dish is so fresh and leaves minimal guilt.

The only thing I will say is that the extras are a bit pricey, with them costing between £2 – £4. You might not feel that’s a lot but I just think £3 for some extra bacon is a bit steep. They do however cook their poachies to perfection. Yes I did call poached eggs poachies….are they not?

Timmy Green Brunch Menu             D&M Green Brunch Menu

Brunch is served: Until 3pm Mon-Fri, until 4pm weekends.

We would recommend this for…

  • Mid week bottomless brunching (£39.50pp served every day!)
  • The health conscious

Probably wouldn’t go if…

  • You’re looking to order piles on piles of food because it will start breaking the bank

Top Tip:

  • Book in advance because they tend to get busy but you may get lucky as always. We booked between a week and 2 weeks early.
  • Order the Fancy Bacon Roll – it looks UN-BELIEVABLE (I’m getting it next time)

J 💋



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