Xmas Gifts for a Brunch Loving Bae



We know it’s hard to find the perfect gift at xmas, so if you have a friend, family or basic brilliant other half who loves brunch (aka me and Sam) well here is a little list we came up with of things we’d they’d probably like.

For the Girls:

#1 The Hat

The perfect brunch hat comes in many styles, a fedora, the baker boy, even the beanie. We’ve recently invested in ours which Samantha has already lost (if any of her friends and family are reading) but we think it’s definitely a gift they’d like but not like to buy…perfect! Here’s us modelling Zara and Asos Baker boys at brunch – obvs xo

Taken on the gift idea below (it’s great isn’t it)

#2 Canon Powershot G7x Mark 2

After Juti invested a hefty amount of her pay cheque into a new camera we can confirm that after its first outing at Drunch, IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT. Dayummmmm girl that camera gonna get anyone looking like a sweet 10. So if you have £450-£600 to spare (depending on how good you are at bargain hunting) then this will definitely blow her away and give a whole new meaning to doing it for the gram.

We would recommend either Very (Juti opted for this as you can pay in 3 instalments) or John Lewis.

G7x mark 2
Creds: kleidermaedchen

#3 Matching Personalised Items

We love personalised items and so should you! They are so gay in and so tacky cute WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY. Some of our favourite websites are @thedailyedited @Aurorastore and obviously Ebay if you want our fabulous phone cases! But just not Clairabella because they’re really freaky.

The Daily Edited

#4 The Perfect Jacket

Or any Jacket that she won’t put her arms through. Jackets are not made for wearing you fool! Not for the brunchinista, they’re made for perfectly resting over her shoulders to remind people she’s the glam bitch at the table. We would opt for the classic leather, coloured suede or maybe full on fur if she’s daring (faux obvs)

Here’s our suggestion for each:

zara jacket
Faux Suede Biker Jacket – Zara – £25.99
black leather
Biker Jacket – Zara (we like Zara) – £49.99
Faux Ostrich Fur Jacket – Depop (honestly the best place for it) – £35-60

#5 Gym Gear

Buying your female friend gym wear without her asking could set you up for a straight slap in the face in most circumstances, which is why you buy her LULULEMON‘s. Ain’t nobody gonna complain about these figure hugging superior gym sets. After all we have weekend calories to burn.



oh hey gurlllllllll

For the Boys… 

Here’s our selection for the boy who loves brunch or the boy who is unwillingly dragged to brunch by his girlfriend – we gotchu.

#1 The Man Hat

Let your male companion channel his inner Tommy Shelby  and treat him to the man hat. Classy, classic and perfect for brunch you trendy fella. If you’re stuck on what style would suit him, here’s David Gandy modelling a few options.



Joking Dan. For where to get one, funny story actually, we were going to 100 Wardour Street and the actually really nice  girl on the door (rare to find) had this fabulous hat and told us she works for this company Hat Rats. Well it turns out..their hats are pretty great and perfect for xmas and life.

hatrats hhatrat2 hatrat1

Prices range from £50 – £145. Other alternative are also M&S and Asos.com.

#2 Sunglasses

Winter Sun is real and the boys are feeling it. Sometime your hungover and your eye can’t hide it but never will you turn down a brunch or let your gf down when she wants a couple photo next to the flower wall outside the Ivy thus enter the designer sunnies. Each guy is different but these are particularly sexy:

The newly remixed Ray-Ban Clubmasters

ya sexy thang

#3 Tefal Toast n Egg Toaster

For when he wants his eggs but he’s too lazy. What a fantastic invention Tefal, we wouldn’t mind anyone buying us this too..

Buy it here.

http://www.thehut.com are selling this for £28.99 – BARG

#4 Big Easy Gift Card

Now usually we would say avoid the vouchers because they usually don’t take a lot of thought but when the gift voucher brings unlimited beer, cocktails or prosecco and meat platter for brunch then why the hell not!

Enquire about one now!

big easy1
ooh you manly man

#5 The Champagnesabre

Not heard of this before? Well, prepare yourself for the gift that just keeps on giving. For girls, you get the end result of prosecco/champagne in your glass but not just that, no no no…what’s more impressive than a man confidently popping bottles at the the table? It’s a man popping it with… A CHAMPAGNESABRE. Buy these here before they’re gone trust me.

They range from £59 to the high hundreds and for the crazy bitches, get it engraved so other hoes know that suave, champagne sword slicing bae is yours.

champagne sabre                  champagnesaber

And with that, our list comes to an end.

If you weren’t impressed with this list then we would suggest the default gift guaranteed to make you the favourite…


Me and Samantha would really love the following two if anyone wondering:

This is Samantha’s Dog – Nugget
This is Juti’s baby – Taco

We look forward to receiving our puppies on Jesus’s Birthday x

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