Review: Melange Restaurant

Say hello to the sister of one of our favourite brunches: Lazy Hunter, take the stage Melange.

a varied mixture
Granted when we first arrived it didn’t cross our minds to even ask what the word meant but after googling it 30 secs ago it is definitely fitting. As you know we were raving about Lazy Hunter a few months back so when we were invited to try their new sister restaurant in Belzise Park you better believe we jumped at the chance.
If we start at their website the restaurant definitely has its own persona that is very different to Lazy Hunter. Inspired by French-Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist, the decor of Melange definitely projected the glamour of these cuisines with gold lamps, wine bottles lining the back wall and velvet seating in their booths. We went when they had only been open for two weeks so we can only imagine how great it looks now with all it’s finishing touches!
Let’s take a look at the menu.
melange menu
Yes you read that correctly… avocado-hollandaise sauce…
A couple made in foodie heaven, what would we call them?
bloody #goals is all you need to know
Everything in the menu was just really cute from the menu illustrations, teapots, milk jugs and marble tables.
So what did we order, well…
  • Goats Cheese Omelette – served with rocket salad and sourdough
  • Eggs Benedict – bacon, free range poached eggs on toasted sourdough bread with homemade avocado-hollandaise sauce
  • Breakfast Pancakes – Pancakes served with mix fruits, maple syrup and creme fraiche

We were stuffed.

Cue visuals:

Yeah bitches, they gooooooooood.
Although maybe not as BAM visually as Lazy Hunter, we can safely confirm that the taste is just as good. The pancakes were light as pancakes could be only bringing about 30% guilt into my life and yours when you try it. Samantha devoured the omelette before I got a chance to try but goats cheese is always a bit hit and miss with me but she definitely felt it was a hit. My eggs benedict? Fantastic. Eggs perfectly poached, avodaise – bang on, plate – demolished.
I must say that these two restaurants have been an absolute hit with us and we heavily recommend them for value for money and quality.
So lets have a recap on what you need to know:
There are three restaurants; Barnet, Belsize Park, Crouch End (we went to Belsize Park)
Find the addresses here.
Brunch/Breakfast is served until 1pm
They still have their Brunch Special offer: Any coffee + Brunch Cocktail + Breakfast for £13.75.
We would recommend this for:
  • Anyone looking for a good brunch
We wouldn’t recommend this for:
  • People looking for a bottomless brunch

Top tip:

  • For tables bigger than 4 I would definitely book as its not a huge restaurant and tends to get quite busy!


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