Birthday Celebration Numero uno – SUCCESS

Hi guys, Juti here. I’ve been bed bound for about 32 hours after celebrating my birthday this weekend.

Okay, my birthday is actually the 12th of November and I thought I was going to be away with work in Athens so I organised something for the weekend before which was my Birthday Brunch Bonanza! Fortunately for me, I will actually be here for my birthday weekend which means double celebrationsss – yep I’m THAT girl. Roll on the birthday month bitches!


Sorry that was so #basic.

(not sorry)

Samantha started by getting me a Charlotte Tilbury makeover for my birthday (not by the actual Charlotte Tilbury as Dan so innocently thought) So fun but also, never worn that much make up in my life. I felt £1000 because thats probably how much it would’ve cost me to recreate that look myself – #goals though.

So our review of Clerkenwell Grind will come soon but if anyone needs somewhere to organise a big brunch- I full recommend Grind. You get your own private room if your party is big enough and they’re all so nice, I really couldn’t have wished for a better day!

Oh and my cake, all I can say is..


Samantha and Dan did a fantastic job. Giant Salted Caramel Cronut…




UGH fucking divine. Well done @dumdumdoughnuts for making dreams come true.

Following that we went to Pianoworks (the night can only go up from here lets be honest). Happy hour followed by a thousand song requests from our party and a thousand threats from bouncers being aggy and following us round which eventually resulted in two of us getting kicked out – BOOOOOOOOOOO. Not me though, I was too drunk to notice (sorry guys). After tactically avoiding all the bouncers we had a GREAT night, drinks flowing + loads of jumping and singing, after all, we LOVE pianoworks. Best part of all of this?

We’d been out for 9 hours AND WE COULD STILL GET THE TRAIN HOME.

And if there’s any reason to do a brunch for your birthday, that’s definitely it.

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