Elan Café Brunch: Pretty in Pink

Flower wall, cake display and a whole lotta pink. Ultimate insta goals.

Take a stroll down Park Lane and you will find it hard to miss this new pink Café squidged between the 5* hotels and Harrods estate agents (one day). The dainty two floor restaurant was heaving on the Saturday we ventured, queues and all, barely any time to take in the wonder that was the cakes as we were shown downstairs to our table. First impressions, that flower wall and the famous Elan bike certainly screamed 200 likes on Instagram and the decor had me reconsidering my bedroom goals. Love velvet. Love dusky Pink. Love marble. Sadly our table was slightly too small for our stomachs (aka we couldn’t have drinks and meals on at the same time). Made photo taking easier though.



On to the food – Menu

The coffee choice was banging. Like this took time. Apparently the Spanish latte is famous so one of them was vital and we were excited to see some of this crazy coffee art. Think Dan got a smoothie, standard Dan.

We got…. a love heart…

Anti-climax for sure. We were so excited. We’re not angry Elan Café, we are just disappointed.

Saying that, the Spanish well well well, probably the best coffee we have ever tasted (especially if you like condensed milk and sugar in your coffee). Hey Dan….how was that smoothie? He said it was good. Thanks Dan.

For some unknown reason the savoury queen Juti opted for the Acai bowl which took a beaut pic and was VERY healthy:


Sam kept it classic with the poached eggs/ avo on sourdough:


And Dan salmon on english muffin:


So don’t get us wrong, we cant deny all the dishes were visually pleasing, fishy flowers are certainly ok with us. BUT honesty is the best policy right? The food was average but sadly the costs were not. Very much not…what did we expect from Park Lane though I guess! The menu has potential (see the breakfast plate for example) but £17 for a main at a brunch meal is stretching our pockets. Note: theres actually a lot more choices upstairs displayed by the cakes, there’s colourful salads and sandwiches which definitely caught our eye.

WHILST ON THAT NOTE, my god the cake display. Never have we ever seen so many mouthwatering flavours packed into a metre countertop – they looked SO good. They even had some savoury snacks which we wish we ordered instead and rainbow croissants (we’ll be back for you)!

So overall, after seeing all their fun activity on Instagram (flower teas, smokey teas, ice cream shot coffee, latte art and so much more) we were left a little disappointed but maybe we ordered the wrong things?

We would recommend this for…

  • People with a lot of expendable cash
  • The gram
  • People who appreciate good coffee – it’s definitely more of a café vibe

We wouldn’t recommend this for…

  • A quick stop off after an Oxford St spree – prices are quite steep
  • Big groups

Top tip

  • Order the spanish latte – maybe get it to go so you can have it in one of those fun coffee cups
  • Double your expected party size when booking to make sure you have enough table space
  • Order from the selection of goodies upstairs

So that’s just our opinion but why not try it yourself and tell us if we’re wrong.

Book on their website here

J & S 💋


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