Pumpkins Are So Fetch

Say hello to the new avocado!

Yep, we said it..say RIP to the avocado

But don’t fret my friends, there’s nothing to fear.

Always start with the bad news our mums always told us..

The bad news is, although avocado’s will always have a place in our hearts..and stomachs..avocado shortages are real and happening right now.


The good news is, we have discovered our new star – the pumpkin!

Although more of an armful rather than a handful, the new trend has definitely got us excited and with Halloween only round the corner, get ready for some seriously festive #pumpkinspiced brunchstagrams.

As well as being a delicious and sustainable alternative to avocado, pumpkin also has some impressive health benefits..tell me more…

tell me more

Being jam packed with fibre, eating pumpkin could help you feel fuller for longer (something we definitely need) AND they are proven to be lower calories!


So where can you try this new foodie fad?

Farmstand’s head chef Harriet Worthington was just as worried as the rest of us and has developed a delicious special featuring smashed pumpkin with egg and crispy chickpeas on gluten free sourdough toast – two of these please!

Thank you Harriet

But one second, I have even better news for you…You can also get them deliveroo‘d to your door between 8am-10.45am at only £3.95 can you believe it, so there’s no excuse!!

So avocado we still love you, but it’s October…and £3.95…so how can we say no!

What do you guys think?


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