A Whole New BALL Game

A nostalgic bottomless for the big kid in you! Glowy McGlow at Ballieballerson

Juti was hungover. Samantha was concussed. STILL BALLS OF FUN

We won’t lie, we thought a sober ball pit would be horrendous and at one point we considered if we should rearrange but BOY are we glad we didn’t!

I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Ballie Ballerson but here’s the lowdown

  • 2 hours
  • Bottomless meatballs (Halloumi for veggies), Prosecco, punch
  • Extra snacks like twizzlers, pancakes
  • Used to be in Dalston, now moved to Shoreditch

Let’s talk you through our arrival. Painting the picture…

It’s the day after Elrow Town for Juti (half a human), a few days after Sam cut her head open (don’t slide down stair rails kids), Dan also came but he was healthy so not much to paint there. We were all walking through Dalston high street in the sun…we’ve been walking a while now…where is it?…I hear Venga Boys…

The room is honestly like stepping back in time to when your mum dressed you in dungarees and Velcro trainers, except your fellow party goers have beards. Once you have settled on your bench and started picking at the cheese twizzlers, the “host” (he’s dressed up cannot confirm what as sort of Captain Sparrow style) does a small intro explaining how it all works: You eat, you drink, then you play friends!


When you think brunch, meatballs probably aren’t what spring to mind and we were a bit hesitant but these meatballs were gooooooood. Kind of sad we didn’t try the vegetarian option because we love halloumi but next time maybe. Even though the food was simple and kid’s party themed, who doesn’t love an excuse to be a kid again…they also had Parmesan so it wasn’t completely barbaric. Those twizzlers were the bomb. We should not forget the cute little pancake dessert either but we were all a bit excited at this point to get down to the balls so please forgive us for the little attention we paid.


Oh and it is very much bottomless and even though we state at the top “sober ball pit” we were not sober…just taking it slow considering the state of our bodies.

On to the best bit…

If like Juti you were worried about the ball pit not being big enough for you to nail your boomerang, hold off on them concerns. Even when all the brunchers were in there, we all had enough room..even though we drowned a few times and others also trying to nail their boomerang land on you IT’S ALL PART OF THE FUN. There’s music, UV and drunk people so not far off a usual night out, just with more balls…or not, who knows how you spend your Fridays 😉


We don’t know what it is about ball pits but we love them. Ballie Ballerson, Cirque, you give me a ball pit and we’ll give you video’s of us drowning in them. If we ever host our own brunch then a ball pit would definitely be on the cards.


  • Cost: £35
  • When: Sat and Sun – we fear they might be on a brunch break (heaven forbid) but keep an eye out for the next dates!
  • Where: 97-113 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3BS

We would recommend this for…

  • Birthday parties, groups, any occasion where a lot of you don’t feel  like being adults. Its  pretty memorable brunch that’s for sure
  • Mixed groups, kids and grown up love it soooo
  • Easy fun, limited planning from your side, ya just go and enjoyyy

We wouldn’t recommend this if….

  • You are concussed – couple of Paris Hilton style bitch fits might have happened “MIND MY HEAD”!
  • You want to be glam. Dresses and blow dries aren’t required for ball pits
  • You are starved. Its just a 2 courser and its a lot more about the activity/setting than the food

Top tip

Leave yourself at least 30mins of pure ballpit mayhem and clear up your phone memory for many many pics!!


Why not give it a whirl BOOK HERE

You would be a fool not to love a ball!

S & J💋


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