Where Do People Find The Time

There’s literally not enough hours in the day.

We started blogging because it’s something we genuinely enjoy talking about – food and brunch. With jobs in very different industries (oil and gas and sustainability), it was just a nice way to do something we liked and hoped it would maybe develop into something more and we could do something we loved foreverrrr…that’s always the dream right?

But with both our jobs being so busy at the moment, we just sit there and wonder, how do bloggers do it?!

We both work in London travelling about 50 mins to an hour a day which isn’t too horrendous but with nearly 12 hour days, we always think we will just go home and write up our quick post but then suddenly there’s dinner, a bath, and then you need to try to get your full 8 hours of sleep..AH!

So as we go into our month of Stoptober and trying to make ourselves a better and healthier us, we just wanted to think about how everyone else does it and we’ve come up with the following that we are gonna try:

Drink more water – apparently it makes you feel better and your skin fantastic. We’ve heard this all before but I’ve seen it in the flesh on one of my friends. I thought she was vegan but no, H20 is the answer guys and girls.

Stop eating sweets and chocolate and burgers as snacks – nuff said.

More exercise – the dreaded gym comes back to haunt us but FINE we will give it a go…again. After all a HIIT workout is only 20 mins so I guess we could spare that.

Meditation – Juti is a Buddhist so this should come naturally but we might download the Calm app and give this a go. Working in London, everyone knows how busy life is especially when you’re working in corporate events and marketing (in oil and gas/sustainability before you get confused). It’s so important to give your mind a break and not run yourself into the ground and making yourself anxious for the next day at work and affecting your sleep. We’ve all been there but no job is worth losing your sanity over and it’s so important these days to look after your mental health.

Stop feeling guilty – This is one that definitely needs practice. There’s only 24 hours in a day and if we are spending 8 asleep, 2-3 travelling, 8.5 at work and occasionally the odd hour at the gym, that only leaves you 5.5 hours (not including the gym!). Some days you will have more energy than others – like today for us, and some days you just can’t wait to get into bed. We always feel guilty that it may have been a while since our last post and stressing but sometimes, life will just get in the way and you just have to let it. No one will die if you don’t post for a week so don’t make a fun hobby stressful.

Do it together – like our blog and other events in our life, we love to do things together. The animals got on the ark in pairs and everyone is just more motivated to do something with someone else, hence why we are trying to do stoptober together…we would’ve definitely failed day 1 otherwise. Have a POA (Plan of Action) and divide so you can conquer and hopefully this will make you feel more productive.

So this is our plan for now, seems pretty simple right? Let’s hope we are glowing, energetic versions of ourselves and you are hit with a wrecking ball of blog posts in the next month!

Stay happy!

J & S 💋




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