Why We Love Bottomless Brunch

We read today that someone is taking a stance against bottomless brunches in East Village, US of A. We consider this treason.

All we can say is


First Donald Trump and now this! What kind of world do we live in where we can’t allow people their right to let loose on the weekend. Whilst the UK are safe, you never know what city’s bottomless brunch is under attack next.

So for that reason, we thought we’d remind everyone what’s to love about bottomless brunches…

#01 It’s cost-effective

So that’s one glass of prosecco for £6 and we’ll probably have what.. 4-5 glasses whilst we’re here? That’s over £30 and OH one second, bottomless prosecco is £18 pp……we’ll take one each, thank you.

bottomless 1#02 They’re evolving

Prosecco has always been the star of the show but now we have bottomless beer, bottomless Bloody Mary’s, cocktails and the list goes on! Bottomless brunches now cater to everyone, try to find me a drink that a brunch doesn’t pour out.

bottommless 10

#03 They make Sundays better and you better

No longer is Sunday the day of rest, oh no my friend. Bottomless brunch on a Sunday just makes you a funner and overall better person. Why spend Sunday stressing about Monday when you can spend Sunday being a laugh.



#04 It’s not classed as irresponsible drinking

There.is.food.therefore.we.are.not.alcoholics. If eating’s cheating then bottomless brunches are absolutely cheating so don’t judge us when we’re rolling around lamp posts at 4pm, WE TRIED.

bottomless 5

#05 Bubbles get you going

Who get’s excited about a coffee at brunch?…NO ONE (put your hand down Barry) Not unless it’s a sweet espresso martini am I right? There’s no way that you slave away at your 9 – 5 job to find yourself at 4pm on a Friday all “I can’t wait for my brunch tomorrow I’m dying for a coffee” Stop kidding yourself and refer to point 4.. you’re not to blame here.

bottomless 6

#06 They are the key to perfecting that boomerang

Bottomless brunch was made for the #basic boomerang cheers

bottomless 11

#07 Early start means early finish

Means NO HANGOVER…for some of us. Unless  bottomless brunch is the pre-drinks to your BNO then most people will be done around 4pm latest which means there’s so many hours to experience the hangover, eat loads, drink loads and sleep loads aka the perfect equation to prevent a hangover. Thank you 2 hour window of endless prosecco for making me fun but also sensible. Yes babes

bottomless 8

#08 Because we’re basic as f***

We’re not ashamed are you?

bottomless 9

So stop being boring Robert Halpern and live a little pal.

Erghh laters haters.

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