Mr Bao Brunch – Steamed buns yo


This brunch has made it on SO. MANY. ARTICLES and was recommended from Dan’s work friend who promised it was great and all my Peckham friends aka Tommy have also given it the thumbs up.

First things first, I hope you love steamed buns because I SURE DO! After a night of tequila’s buying not drinking stupidly enough, I made the walk to Peckham Rye to eagerly try Mr. Bao.

Peckham Rye is adorable btw and you can find the restaurant here:

293 Rye Lane


SE15 4UA

This restaurant is quite small but smells delicious as they have a semi open kitchen..well, you can see the chefs from your seat so that counts right?


hello sister



You can find the brunch menu on the wall – this had a few of us confused for a while so I hope that saved you some searching.

So there’s 4 brunch dishes:

  • The Full Taiwanese – Taiwanese Sausages, Spring Onion Pancake, Bao Bun, Soy Glazed Eggs, Asian Beans, Flock + Herd Smoked Bacon
  • Bao Benedict with extra bacon – Slow Braised Flock + Herd Pork, Wilted Spinach, Free Range Egg, Hollandaise and Bao Bun
  • Mushroom on toasted Bao – Oyster + Portobello Mushrooms on a Toasted Bao served with Wasabi Crème Fraîche
  • Taiwanese “scotch” Egg – Soft Boiled Egg Wrapped in Taiwanese Spiced Sausage, covered in Crisp Noodles

We opted for mainly Full Taiwanese’s and Bao Benedicts apart from my sister who got a pork and chicken bao – she’s so cool.

So let’s take a look at this these steamed buns, I won’t keep you waiting any longer!

Full Taiwanese – look at dem bunnns and watch the beans, they’re spicay
Chicken and Beef Bao
Bao Benedict with extra bacon obvs


ch-ch-ch-ch-chickaaaaan bao (chicken bao)

I forgot to get any clear photos but we also got two bottomless cocktails. Although these weren’t the cheapest (£16 for 1 hour of bottomless) with exotic flavours like guava and passionfruit, I think it’s definitely worth it.

Warning: the goblet of guava is strong and that first word is gin in case you missed it liked I did…so yes, that’s gin and prosecco hehe.

So this place is perfect for the casual get together of steamed bun lovers who just want good food. No need to dress up, just come ready to eat!

I would recommend for…

Bao lovers of course

People who want a good mixed traditions kind of brunch

I wouldn’t recommend if…

You’re super hungover and just want a greasy traditional fry up

Top Tip

Get the goblet of guava and the passionfruit cocktail and just mix that stuff upppppp – that is one good cocktail



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